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Summer Programs

Spend your summer
earning college credit through individual classes or multi-course institutes.

Summer programs at TFT are rigorous, rewarding and fun! Come learn from our professional faculty and study in our classrooms, theaters, studios, soundstages and labs. It’s an experience you won’t forget! We offer individual courses both on campus and online that are open to UC and visiting students alike, as well as life-long learners. Many individual courses are also open to high school students.

Our popular summer institutes are an intensive experience that focus on a specific area of study, and are aimed at either high school students, college students, or professionals.

Individual Summer Sessions
Film Courses

In our summer film courses, you’ll gain an understanding of stop-motion animation and digital cinematography; get an overview of the contemporary film industry; learn about the evolution of Disney features and more. Courses offered both in-person and online and carry the same unit value as their academic-year counterpart.

Individual Summer Sessions
Theater Courses

In our summer theater courses, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your acting skills, learn new dance routines, design for the stage or write a play. Courses offered both in-person and online and carry the same unit value as their academic-year counterpart.

Pre-College Summer Institutes

Motivated high school students from around the globe can apply to a variety of institutes focusing on specializations such as acting, writing for TV, cinematography, animation, and costume design. These two- and three-week intensives offer students the preparation required for successful participation in a university program or a career in the performing or visual arts.

College & Professional Summer Institutes

A unique opportunity for college students and professionals to network and enhance their skills during two-week intensives. Participants are taught by UCLA TFT faculty and leaders in the entertainment and theater industries who will prepare you to be better equipped and confident in your professional pursuits.

UCLA Film & Television Summer Institute

With pre-college and college/professional tracks available, these institutes offer college credit and an exceptional UCLA experience.

Creative Producing

Study the contemporary film industry while building relationships with industry professionals.

Film Production Summer Institute

Learn the aesthetics, techniques, and practices of filmmaking from story pitch to post-production.

TV Writing

Get introduced to writing for television in Hollywood. On-campus and online sections are available. Six weeks.

Traditional Animation

Aspiring animators learn to write and draw their animated movies – no drawing experience required, just limitless imagination.

Digital Filmmaking

Gain hands-on experience in cinematic storytelling from concept to post-production and learn story structure, cinematography, and editing.

Writing for TV

Develop an original TV series concept that showcases your unique voice.


Explore the concepts, creativity, and techniques of cinematic lighting using the latest technology.

Media Parks: Cinematic & Televisual History of Theme Parks

Examine the contexts and shared histories of theme parks and screen media.

UCLA Theater Summer Institutes

The Department of Theater’s Summer Institutes offer high schoolers, college students, and professionals with a unique opportunity to network, and enhance their acting, singing and dancing abilities during two and three-week intensives.

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Acting & Performance

Prepare for a university theater program or career in the performing arts.

Musical Theater

Train with experts in preparation for your performing arts career.

Camera Acting

Learn how to relate to the camera lens and approach script analysis.

Voice-Over Camera Acting

Tell a story with your voice.

Design Innovation – Costume

Bring stories to life through design.

Design Innovation – Scenic

Students will learn the technical components of breaking down a script and the art of collaboration with directors while gaining hands-on experience such as model-building, perspective drawing, and scale measurement as means of realizing a design.

Stage Management

Develop key production management skills for a career in theater.

Content Creation & Scriptwriting

Create stories that can be shared across all entertainment mediums.

Design Innovation – Lighting & Sound

Bring stories to life through design.