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Office of Student Services

The Academic Student Services Department is the cornerstone of student success, catering to the diverse needs of undergraduates, graduates, and professionals alike.

The Office of Student Services offers guidance with questions about enrollment, academic advising, student engagement and retention, leading to graduation. Our comprehensive range of services serves as a compass, ensuring that students navigate their academic journey with confidence.

We provide TFT students with procedural support for things like funding, and petitions; while academic advisors assist with helping students identify campus resources to fit their needs. Academic Advising supports the curricular that students receive from their faculty while providing TFT students with tools and review of their degree progress to ensure they are on track and ready to graduate.

Similarly, the Admissions and Recruitment branch of the Student Services Office coordinates the annual admissions, recruitment, application review, and acceptance cycle each year.

Student Services Staff

General Information
103 East Melnitz Hall
Phone: 310-206-8441
Fax: 310-206-7652
Anna Guzman
Director of Student Services
Amanda Kibiloski
Director, Admissions
and Outreach
Laura Campbell
Academic Advisor, Graduate
Film, Television and Digital Media
Catherine Hernandez-Shibata
Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Theater
Barrett Korerat
Academic Advisor, Graduate Theater
Sam O’Harra
Student Wellness Coordinator
Allison Taka
Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Film, Television and Digital Media,
Graduate Cinema and Media Studies
Natalie Xavier
Administrative and Admissions Specialist

What can we help you with?

Navigating UCLA

Student Services is a core unit of the School of Theater, Film and Television. Our office provides current students guidance throughout their UCLA experience, helping TFT students with policy and serving as a bridge to the larger administrative offices on campus such as the Registrar’s Office and the Division of Graduate Education.

Campus Support

The role of our academic counselors goes beyond mere guidance; they are pivotal in connecting students with the right campus resources that align with their individual aspirations.


Academic Advising is an integral part of the TFT student experience. Supporting the curricular advising that students receive from their faculty, Student Services helps to provide TFT students with tools and a review of their degree progress to ensure they are on track and ready to graduate. Academic Advisors assist students with accurate information about requirements, policies and procedures.