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A multifaceted, collaborative approach

At UCLA TFT, we provide an interdisciplinary experience where entertainment, performing arts and cutting-edge research can thrive and work together. It’s an environment where the storytellers, scholars and industry leaders of tomorrow begin their journey. But while students are immersed in a variety of ideas, methods and mediums, there’s also ample opportunity to pursue what interests them most.

Explore Our Programs

We’re pioneering an interdisciplinary experience where entertainment, performing arts and cutting-edge research co-exist and work in harmony.

Film, Television & Digital Media

The Department of Film, Television and Digital Media provides professional and scholarly approaches to the study of media and helps students discover their powers as independent artists and communicators.


Our students become well-rounded artists and researchers by immersing themselves in their chosen areas as well as exploring the other creative disciplines that are available.

Additional Curricula

Summer Programs

A variety of robust courses that are accessible to high school students, college students and professionals.

TFT Online

Summer courses at your fingertips, offered in many subject areas.

Professional Programs

Graduate-level, non-degree programs modeled after world-renowned MFA curriculum, taught by accomplished industry professionals.

World-Class Faculty

Our faculty are experts in their fields.

Steve Anderson
Professor, School of Theater, Film and Television Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of the Arts and Architecture
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Barbara Boyle
Distinguished Professor Head of Producing
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Academic Resources

Student Services

The go-to resource for prospective and current students alike.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is the keeper of all academic records.

UCLA General Catalog

The definitive listing of every class offered at UCLA.