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Research Centers

Our research centers amplify innovation, fostering cutting-edge exploration and deepening understanding in the realms of performance art, theater, entertainment, film, and media.

Where imagination meets investigation, we spark innovation in entertainment and media by blending critical scholarship, interdisciplinary research, and collaborative knowledge.

Our vibrant research centers like the Center for Performance Studies redefine the boundaries of global encounters, intertwining research, performance, and community engagement. Our Digital Incubator and Think Tank delve into the transformative influence of digital media and technology on established media sectors. Meanwhile, the collaborative endeavor of Remap, jointly undertaken by TFT and the Samueli School of Engineering, intricately weaves engineering, the arts, and community development to unlock fresh cultural expressions and empower enriching social dynamics.

Center for
Performance Studies

The Center for Performance Studies (CPS) explores performance as an organizing concept for thinking about the performed nature of gender, race, and sexuality. Through guest lectures, conferences, and performances, CPS has built ties with the departments of Theater, Film, Anthropology, Design, Art History, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Gender Studies, World Arts and Cultures, English, French, German, and Comparative Literature.

David C. Copley Center for 

Costume Design

Through bold research and a robust program of publishing, exhibitions and teaching, the scholarly activities of the David C. Copley Center for Costume Design serves UCLA TFT students, the university, the international community of historians, filmmakers and professional costume designers. The Center provides a home for the study of costume design history, genre research, costume illustration as an art form, and the influence of costume design on fashion and popular culture.

Digital Incubator & Think Tank

The Digital Incubator and Think Tank at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television studies the impact of digital media and technology on the traditional media industries. DIT combines academic research with critical media and technology industry analysis to provide actionable insights on disruptions to the business of entertainment.


The Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance bridges TFT and the Samueli School of Engineering to explore new enriching cultural forms and empowering social situations enabled by the thoughtful interweaving of engineering, the arts and community development. The Center provides a uniquely positioned creative environment that embraces and promotes people, projects and investigations that can have resonant, long-term impact on the relationships among culture and technology.

Skoll Center for
Social Impact Entertainment

The Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television serves to advance the role of entertainment and performing arts to inspire and drive social change. Its mission is to establish, define and foster the new field of social impact entertainment, and serve as a resource for students, practitioners, and organizations in this emerging ecosystem.