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Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment

Catalyzing global change through research, education, and impactful storytelling in social impact entertainment.

The Skoll Center is the first of its kind dedicated solely to advancing the power of entertainment and performing arts to inspire social change. The Skoll Center is committed to leveraging entertainment and arts for profound social change. The Skoll Center’s mission focuses on attracting groundbreaking ideas, assessing the impact of social responsibility in entertainment, and its global influence. By pioneering research in social impact entertainment, the Center aims to empower students and faculty with storytelling’s transformative potential. The Skoll Center envisions bridging sectors, shaping innovative societal change models, and highlighting entertainment’s vast reach, from films to theater. The Skoll Center serves as a hub, hosting unique projects, pivotal discussions, conferences, festivals, and forming key partnerships that resonate with our core purpose.