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TFT Film Festival

Spotlighting tomorrow’s stars, this film festival celebrates the brilliance of emerging talent in cinema.

Immerse yourself in a cinematic celebration that transcends boundaries and illuminates the future of storytelling. The TFT Film Festival is a testament to creativity’s boundless potential, featuring multiple captivating showcases. Our multi-night keynote events are: the Animation Extravaganza, the Undergraduate Showcase, the Director’s Spotlight, the Producers Marketplace, and the Screenwriters Showcase. These showcases collectively underscore the festival’s significance in nurturing emerging talent and amplifying their voices. As an essential component of education goals, the film festival provides a hands-on platform where students can transform classroom knowledge into industry talents, presenting their unique perspectives to a diverse audience. The festival cultivates skills in storytelling, production, and collaboration, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, visions are realized, and the next generation of filmmakers are empowered to shape the future of cinema.