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TFT Online

Learn from accomplished faculty in theater, film and television, expanding your horizons in a dynamic online learning environment.

Flexibility meets excellence, offering students global access and freedom to excel.

TFT Online offers instructional design, educational technology, and media production services to all faculty and TAs, and offers a robust slate of fully online courses each year. Founded in 2009, TFT Online has always been at the forefront of online education at UCLA. The unit applies the principles of theater, film, and television—storytelling, digital innovation, creativity, and an audience-centered perspective—to online learning. TFT Online courses are known for high-quality multimedia materials, particular documentary-style video lectures that are grounded in best practices for online pedagogy. Courses are available to UCLA students during the academic year, and to visiting students in the summer. Explore captivating courses like Introduction to Art and Technique of Filmmaking, delving into cinema’s artistry and cultural impact, and KPOP: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Globalizing Asian Media, unraveling K-pop’s global influence on race, gender, and sexuality. Immerse yourself in History of American Theater and Drama, redefining American theater history through artist-centered perspectives.