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Actor’s Showcase

Annual industry showcase that spotlights the talents of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the UCLA TFT Acting and Musical Theater programs.

The annual actor’s showcase serves as a pivotal platform for undergraduate acting and musical theater students, and graduates actors, propelling them toward professional and artistic growth. This annual extracurricular event transcends mere performance; it’s a launchpad where emerging talents unveil their capabilities to industry professionals, potential collaborators, and peers. Through meticulously curated scenes and presentations, students hone their craft, harnessing essential skills in self-presentation, adaptability, and the nuanced delivery of diverse characters. This transformative experience bridges the academic realm with the industry’s demands, providing a firsthand encounter with the world of performance, networking, and potential career pathways. The showcase not only illuminates individual skills but nurtures a sense of community, instilling a collective pride in the multifaceted talents that define the next generation of performers.