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Bridging disciplines for transformative cultural expressions and groundbreaking societal impacts, REMAP is where collaborative brilliance shapes the future.

Interdisciplinary research shines through the collaborative endeavors of the Center for Research in Engineering, Media, and Performance (REMAP). This joint venture between UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT) and the Samueli School of Engineering bridges the realms of artistic innovation and technological ingenuity. By uniting these distinct disciplines, REMAP cultivates a dynamic space where creative minds from TFT and engineering converge to forge new cultural expressions and impactful social dynamics. This innovative approach envisions a harmonious fusion of culture and technology, nurturing transformative projects and inquiries that resonate in profound ways. The recent recognition of the Named Data Microverse project underscores REMAP’s ongoing commitment to pioneering research at the intersection of culture, technology, and community development.