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Content Creation & Scriptwriting Summer Institute

Use improv and playwriting skills to influence and shape the world of content creation.

Program Overview

The Content Creation and Scriptwriting Summer Institute is a two-week, UC credit-bearing intensive program for students interested in writing for the web, film, and theater. This program provides opportunities to work with our distinguished faculty in classes such as web writing, screenwriting, play analysis, improv, and sketch comedy. The combination of these courses will allow students to use their training to create stories that can be shared across all entertainment mediums. Students will learn the technical components of writing for the screen, stage and web while gaining hands-on experience in developing, filming and completing three short-form writing samples. Beyond the classroom, students will attend guest workshops, and learn the art of collaboration.

The program is designed for artists and students who seek additional discipline and training required for participation in a university theater program or a career in the entertainment industry. Participation in this institute is open to high school (16 years and older), college, and professional artists.

Admission to the program is by digital audition and instructor consent. As part of the application process, we encourage each applicant to submit a resume. The resume can be uploaded during the application process.

*Please note that all levels are encouraged to apply.

Program Details

On-Campus (Commuter)

As a commuter, housing contracts are not available through UCLA Housing Department, however, the UCLA Summer Hostel that is located on the residence hill provides housing options for all registered UCLA Summer Sessions students who are 18 years of age or older. For those who will not securing housing on campus, it is expected that students who fall into this category will commute to class daily.


July 14, 2024 – July 26, 2024

Grades and Transcripts

Program participants will earn units of credit on a letter-grading basis and will be recorded on an official University of California transcript. Please note that official transcripts are not automatically sent to students. To request a transcript, please contact the UCLA Registrar’s Office.


Theater 30; 4 units


Applicants are required to provide the following during the online registration process:

In 400 words, why are you interested in content creation and scriptwriting and what do you hope to gain?

A resume (if you do not have a resume, submit a brief description of your theatrical and/or artistic experience). The resume can be uploaded as a word or pdf file during the application process.

Program Eligibility
  • 9th – 12th grade
  • Ages 15 – 19
Grading Basis

Students will receive a letter grade upon completion. See University Credit, Grades and Transcripts for more information about academic credit.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

UCLA Summer Sessions Summer Scholars Support

Qualified students attending grades 8th – 11th in Spring 2023 in the state of California may be eligible for Summer Scholars Support, a need- and merit-based scholarship offered by the UCLA Summer Sessions Office. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available to support enrollment in SCIP/eSCIP, one Summer Course, or a Precollege Summer Institute.

Summer 2023 deadline to apply: March 15.

Important Dates and Deadlines

June 1, 2024

Application deadline

June 15, 2024

Enrollment Deadline


July 14 – 26, 2024