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Mary Lynn Wissner


Voice-over casting director and coach Mary Lynn Wissner teaches Acting for the Microphone in the Department of Theater. Since 1990, she and her award-winning Los Angeles-based company, Voices Voicecasting, have cast thousands of voice talent in feature films, animation series, video games, audio books, narrations, E-Learning, promos, IVR and voiceover productions. The latter category includes the Clio Award-winning Chevron Talking Cars; History Channel’s 13-part series The Color of War; Chrysler; Radio Shack; Chiquita; Fiat; Taco Bell; Coca-Cola; Toyota; Legos; Walgreens; Kleenex; the U.S. Army; Sony; 7-11; Tecate; Clorox; Jeep; Mattel and Leap Pad, among many others.

Wissner also directs workshops, coaches, consults and directs talent across the world; her popular Meet the Agent and Meet the Pro events in Studio City introduce talent to leaders in the entertainment industry. In 2014, Wissner created The Voice Over Self Direction app for iOS and Android systems.