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Digital Incubator and Think Tank

DIT combines academic research with critical media and technology industry analysis to provide actionable insights on disruptions to the business of entertainment.

The HAVAS 18 Digital Incubator and Think Tank (DIT) studies the new digital economy and its implications for the traditional media industries. Under the leadership of principal investigator Dr. Denise Mann, DIT promotes a critical exchange between media scholars and industry practitioners to examine the convergence of the media industries with the expanding platform landscape in Silicon Valley, from leading tech giants to disruptive startups.

DIT aims to document and explain the fundamental changes shaping content creation, distribution and consumption in the ever-converging media and technology marketplace. This approach focuses on three core areas:

RESEARCH: Promoting collaboration between scholars and industry practitioners through group discussions, panels, interviews, and white papers

EDUCATION: Postering an exchange of ideas and perspectives through graduate seminars (critical media studies as well as media production), academic lectures, conference presentations, and industry panels

DIALOGUE: Engaging academic and industry practitioners through cross-disciplinary events, conferences, and workshops.

To facilitate this exchange, DIT consistently engages with external advisors from the Hollywood and Silicon Valley communities (including the local Silicon Beach) and is committed to partnering with representatives from the media and technology industries.