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Theater Faculty

Our faculty provide comprehensive training in all the professions of theater, from playwriting and acting to costume design and directing. They also provide a study of theater's 2,500-year history and literature. Students engage in the presentation of dramatic work in a community where creativity and critical thought combine in the exploration of the artistic and intellectual challenges inherent in the making of theater.

The Department of Theater has some of the most distinguished faculty and visiting artists in the world. With this professional training, students are following in the footsteps of our illustrious alumni.

Roster Faculty

Kite Named Theater Chair The former producing artistic director of the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts has been named chair of the Department of TheaterLearn more

Michelle Liu Carriger

Assistant Professor

Suk-Young Kim


Sean Metzger

Associate Professor
Patricia Harter
Professor Emerita
Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei
Professor Emerita
Sue-Ellen Case
Professor Emerita
David Gorshein
Peter Shushtari