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Graduate Theater Programs

TFT graduate students are offered advanced professional training in all the major areas of theatrical endeavor. The education is grounded in a deep sense of the history of the medium, from the tragedies and comedies of ancient Athens to the best of American musical theater. The MFA programs have been designed as three-year courses of study.

  • Acting MFA
    Acting MFACourses in the Acting program are taught by nationally recognized acting, voice, speech, movement and dance teachers. Professional directors in theater and television are also on staff.
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  • Design for Theater and Entertainment Media MFA
    DESIGN FOR THEATER AND ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA MFA Advanced professional training is offered in four artistic areas: Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design and Sound Design.
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  • Directing MFA
    Directing MFAThe Directing program encourages and develops directors who want to do unconventional and provocative work in theater.
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  • Playwriting MFA
    Playwriting MFAPlaywriting trains and nurtures dramatists whose purpose is to transform the way we see and understand the world. Playwriting faculty members include successful writers whose work has been professionally produced.
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  • Theater MA
    Theater MAIn Theater, creativity and critical thought combine in the exploration of the artistic and intellectual challenges of making theater. The program provides elements of a classic liberal education by combining literary and historical study with rigorous practical training.
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  • Theater and Performance Studies PhD
    PhD in Theater and Performance StudiesTheater and Performance Studies includes the study of fundamental cultural, social, ethical and political issues in the context of artistic expression enriched by historical perspective. Faculty members promote an awareness of theater as a global phenomenon.
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  • Theater Masks
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