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"I love the belief that Gary encouraged in me. I didn't believe in myself. Gary gave me permission to trust myself and to nurture that little flicker that sometimes threatens to go out - that tells us we are still alive and still have the passion to experience things emotionally."
— Alumnus and former student Shane Black

"Gary Gardner's hallmark was really supporting and forwarding his own passion by permeating the entire space and entering into your own universe to inspire your own dreams and your own goals."
— Alumna and former student Nancy Cartwright

The Gary Gardner Production Fund Endowment

The impact of Professor Gary Gardner was profound.

For 40 years, he brought productions of great works to the stage, transporting his audiences. He entertained us, enlightened us and inspired us. His larger-than-life personality made him an extraordinary teacher who guided his students to become great performers, artists and storytellers. In doing so, he left a legacy that will last a lifetime.

Gary gave so much, and now it's our time to give back for him.

The UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television's (UCLA TFT) Department of Theater has received a $1 million endowment fundraising challenge from a UCLA TFT alum donor who invites others to raise an additional $1 million in the name of Gary Gardner.

The Gary Gardner Theater Production Fund Endowment will:

  • Annually provide funds for all aspects of production in the year-long repertory and musical theater season
  • Help to continue the timeless tradition of extraordinary storytelling reminiscent of all UCLA TFT productions

The funds raised through this endowment will help the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television's Department of Theater to continue Gary's legacy of excellence in production, from costumes to lighting to set and sound design. Gary was always a strong advocate for improving and enriching the lives of those around him.

For more information about supporting the Gary Gardner Production Fund Endowment, please contact:

Frederick E. A. Bush
Executive Director
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
(310) 206-5999

Michael Hackett
Alumni Challenge Faculty Ambassador
Professor, Department of Theater