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Marina Goldovskaya

Marina GoldovskayaOne of Russia’s best known documentary filmmakers, Marina Goldovskaya has made 28 documentaries as director, cinematographer and writer. Her films have appeared on Russian, British, Japanese, Swedish, German, French, and US television.

Award winning titles include “The House on Arbat Street” (Prix Europa & Golden Hugo Award); “The Shattered Mirror” (Golden Gate Award) and “Solovky Power” (Joris Ivens Special Jury Prize).

Her most recent film, "A Bitter Taste of Freedom,” was the centrpiece of a sweeping career retrospective at the 16th annual It’s All True international documentary festival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2011.

Ms. Goldovskaya received her PhD in Fine Arts in 1987. She was a Professor at Moscow State University and has been a Visiting Professor at UC San Diego and Vassar College.