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Fabian Wagmister

Fabian WagmisterFabian Wagmister, a filmmaker and Digital Media Artist, is the creator of the Hypermedia Studio, a research facility developing theoretical and practical frameworks bridging performance, installation and media art through digital technology. Recent international exhibitions include “Behind the Bars,” a confrontational interactive environment about Latin America’s “desaparecidos;” “Time & Time Again…, with Lynn Hershman,” a distributed interactive media environment exploring technological dependency and cultural identity; and the database-driven exploratory installation “…two, three, many Guevaras,” examining the legacy of Ernesto Che Guevara. In these works and in his writings he combines a strong ideological voice with explorations into the protean media structures emerging from digital technologies. Originally from Argentina, he collaborates with artists and theorists in Latin America and lectures and presents his work throughout the continent. At UCLA he created and chairs the Program On Digital Cultures at the Latin American Center.


  • Office: 2327 Macgowan
  • E-mail: fabian@ucla.edu
  • Phone: 310-206-4431