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About the Film, Television and Digital Media Faculty

The faculty in the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media is comprised of an international group of industry professionals who have worked on feature films and television programs around the world. From them, students learn not only the creative and technical aspects of the moving image but its history and theory as well.

The department provides a scholarly, creative and professional approach to the study of media and is committed to helping each student discover his or her unique talents as an independent artist and communicator.

Senate Faculty

Jasmine Nadua Trice“Jasmine Jasmine Nadua Trice, the faculty director of the 33rd annual Thinking Gender conference, discusses her vision for the conference with UCLA Newsroom.
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Steve Anderson


Shelleen Greene

Vice Chair
Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor

Erkki Huhtamo


Arne Lunde

Associate Professor

Purnima Mankekar


Denise R. Mann


Kathleen McHugh

Sean Metzger

Chon A. Noriega

Distinguished Professor

Veronica Paredes

Assistant Professor

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Vice Chair, CMS

Ellen C. Scott

Associate Professor

Jasmine Nadua Trice

Associate Professor

Shawn VanCour

Associate Professor

Amy Villarejo

Chair, FTVDM; Professor
Janet Bergstrom
Professor Emerita/
Research Professor
Nick Browne
Professor Emeritus
Steve Mamber
Professor Emeritus/
Research Professor
John T. Caldwell
Research Professor
Robert Rosen
Professor Emeritus
Vivian Sobchack
Professor Emerita
Jonathan Kuntz
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