Department of Theater Staff

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Department Chair

Dominic Taylor
Acting Department Chair

Vice Chairs and Faculty Area Heads

J.Ed Araiza
Head of Graduate Acting

Jeff Burke
Vice Chair, Graduate Studies

Myung Hee Cho
Head of Scenic and Production Design

Lap Chi Chu
Head of Lighting Design

Michael Hackett
Head of Directing

Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko
Head of Costume Design

Suk-Young Kim
Head of Theater and Performance Studies

Joseph Olivieri
Vice Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Head of Undergraduate Acting

Sylvan Oswald
Head of Playwriting

Administrative Staff

Inga Johnston
Management Services Officer

Dolann Adams
Director of Special Programs

Justin Baker
Assistant to the Acting Chair

Ryan Fogle
Facilities Manager

Annette Lee
Director of Events and Promotions

Emily Mellman


Christina Vacchiano
Director of Production

Jonathan Burke
Sound Supervisor

Evey Connerty-Marin
Associate Lighting and Projections Supervisor

Margaret Dick
Principal Wardrobe Technician

Paul Girard
Costume Shop Academic Coordinator

Daniel Gutierrez
Techincal Supervisor

Bert Henert
Senior Wardrobe Technician

Ken Houston
Senior Scene Tech

Drina Krieger
Production Services Manager

Ojin Kwon
Technical Director

Juan Loredo
Senior Scene Tech

Phoebe Ping
First Hand

Michael Sellers
Master Carpenter

Paul Timmel
Lighting and Projections Supervisor

Kevin Williams
Prop Shop Supervisor

Aaron Wong
Technical Supervisor

David C. Copley Center for Costume Design

Deborah Nadoolman Landis

Natasha Rubin
Director of Research