Our Vision and Manifesto

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Our Vision
The vision of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television is to serve as a premier global interdisciplinary professional school that develops outstanding humanistic storytellers, industry leaders and scholars whose diverse, innovative voices enlighten, engage and inspire change for a better world.

Consistently ranked as one of the top elite entertainment and performing arts institutions in the world, the school offers an innovative curriculum that integrates the study and creation of live performance, film, television and the digital arts. Our distinguished graduate and undergraduate programs include acting, directing, writing, producing, animation, cinematography, lighting design, set design, costume design and sound design. The school also offers doctoral degrees in theater and performance studies and cinema & media studies.

Our Manifesto

We create the creators.

We make the makers.

We challenge thinkers to think and doers to do.

We are an institute of inspiration.

A launching pad for excellence.

We are a school of entertainment and performing arts.

We are where leaders, mavericks and the people who will shape the future will get their start.

We are an interdisciplinary approach that breaks down all the boundaries and removes all the barriers.

We help students find their spark and discover their genius.

We enlighten, engage, influence and impact.

We draw on the past to invent the future.

We encourage the idea that you can make a difference.

We are where the human story is told.

We are where the stories that inspire the world are born.