Department of Film, Television and Digital Media Staff

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Department Chair

Amy Villarejo
Department Chair

Vice Chairs and Faculty Area Heads

Barbara Boyle
Area Head, Producers Program

Shelleen Greene
Vice Chair, Undergraduate Programs

William McDonald
Area Head, Cinematography

Phyllis Nagy
Area Head, Screenwriting

Chuck Sheetz
Area Head, Animation

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli
Vice Chair, Cinema and Media Studies

Fabian Wagmister
Area Head, Production

Administrative Staff

Karl Holmes
Director of Administration, Finance and Operations

William Barker
Production Program Manager

Tiger Bela
Executive Assistant to the Chair
TFT Film Festival Director

Brian Brown
Cinema and Media Studies Program Manager

Christina Carrea
FTVDM Summer and Internship Programs Director

Andrea Davis
Animation Program Manager
Screenwriting Program Manager

Brenna Galvin
Summer Institute Coordinator

Hans-Martin Liebing
Internship Manager

Production Insurance & Logistics

Rich Moushegian
Director of Student Program Administration
Scheduling and Curriculum Manager

Daniel Olivas
Animation Lab Manager

Lisa Reeve
Producers Program Manager

Sylvia Terry
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Special Project Coordinator, Office of the Chair

Doug Ward
Academic Administrator, Animation Program

Operations Staff

Karl Holmes
Director of Administration, Finance and Operations

Zareh Arevshatian
Film Traffic Manager

Rocky Beigel
Studio Projectionist

Matt Kelly
Senior Studio Projectionist

Fred Kiko
Studio Projectionist

Erik Kjonaas
Lighting and Grip Support

David Claude McKenna
Post Production Program Analyst

Thientam Nguyen
Equipment Operations Manager

Juan Nuñez
Building Services Manager
House Manager, James Bridges Theater and Darren Star Screening Room

Steve Perlmutter
Theater and Technical Operations Director

Amos Rothbaum
Senior Studio Projectionist

Rand Soares
Production Services and Facilities Manager

Elizabeth Sweeney
Post Production Manager

Pablo Velasquez-Martin
Tech Office Support