Administrative Staff

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Dean's Leadership

Brian Kite
Interim Dean

Jeff Burke
Associate Dean, Research and Technology

Sean Metzger
Associate Dean, Faculty and Students

Susan Marcano
Assistant Dean, Chief Administrative Officer

Frederick E. A. Bush
Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Affairs

Dean's Office Administrative Staff

Shannon Maguire
Interim Executive Assistant to Brian Kite

Melinda Robles
Executive Assistant to Susan Marcano

Development and Alumni Affairs

Frederick E. A. Bush
Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Affairs

Eric Larner
Development Operations Coordinator

Marketing and Communications

Noela Hueso
Senior Communications Manager

Crystal Santana
Director, Marketing and Communications

Student Services

Anna Guzman
Director, Student Services

Amanda Kibiloski
Director, Admissions and Outreach

Laura Campbell
Admissions Advisor, Graduate Film, Television and Digital Media

Catherine Hernandez-Shibata
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Theater

Barrett Korerat
Admissions Advisor, Graduate Theater

Allison Taka
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Film, Television and Digital Media,
Graduate Cinema and Media Studies

Natalie Xavier
Administrative and Admissions Specialist

Business Operations

Matthew Donat
CFO and Director of Business Operations

Erma Acebo
Contract and Grant Fund Manager

Sandra Aldama
Accounting Assistant

Erica Griffin
Fund Manager

Myron Murakami
Building Operations Coordinator

Angelo Ong
Business Office Assistant Director

Janis Wilson
Fund Manager

Human Resources

Ryan Hamilton
Director, Academic and Staff Personnel

Noell Billings
Staff and Academic Personnel Manager

Elliott Delgado
Academic Personnel Manager

Judith Rayos
Academic Personnel Manager

Gayle Seregi
Staff Personnel Manager

Information Technology

Kerry Schutt Nason
Interim Director of Information Technology

Herlich Aguiluz
Web/User Support

Taylor Demma
Web/User Support

Fabio Ibarra
Help Desk Coordinator/Network

TFT Online

Kerry Schutt Nason
TFT Online Director

Daniel Weisman
Media Production Specialist

Professional Programs

Barbara Boyle
Faculty Director, Professional Programs

Brian Fagan

Matt Yaldezian
Associate Director