Theater BA: Playwriting

Applicants interested in the playwriting sequence are advised to apply to the program via our Integrated Studies program. The Theater program at UCLA TFT encourages undergraduate applicants who see themselves as scholar/artists and are eager to learn and receive an education from one of the world’s major research institutions.

Students wishing to begin playwriting their freshman year may enroll in Theater Arts 30/Dramatic Writing, offered to Department of Theater students in their first and second years. During their first two years at UCLA TFT, all theater majors are expected to enroll in a year-long theater history course, Theater Arts 101ABC, and complete the general elective course required by the university.

In alternate years beginning in their sophomore or junior year, students can continue the playwriting sequence with Theater Arts 130A/Fundamentals of Playwriting and Theater Arts 104D/New Playwrights New Playwriting, alternating with a year-long course, Theater Arts 131ABC/Intermediate Playwriting. This year-long series of courses includes 131A/Full Length Play, Part 1; 131B/Full Length Play, Part 2; and 131C/Full Length Play, Capstone. Students may be able to enroll in 131A and 131B twice for credit. Completion of 131C will serve as the thesis or capstone experience for the playwriting sequence student.

Please note that students in the Department of Theater cannot transfer from their sequence into the acting or musical theater sequences. All undergraduates in the Theater program are Theater majors and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater.