Theater BA: Acting Elective Sequence

The acting classes at UCLA do not have any one particular philosophical focus rather, a series of technique and ideas are taught. The objective is for an actor to be able to find what works best for him/her or what works best for a particular role.

The UCLA Theater program is not a training conservatory. For those persons who want an immersive professional training program we recommend one of the acclaimed BFA conservatory training programs found across the country. The UCLA Theater program is for the student who sees him/herself as a scholar/artist — one who is eager to learn and wants a great university education from one of the world's major research institutions. Roughly half of the student's classes are in subjects other than theater. This education will prepare the graduate to be an informed citizen of an increasingly complex world, an original and critical thinker, as well as providing one of the best theater educations offered in the country.

The Undergraduate Acting sequence is a minimum of 6-quarter related performance classes that begin in sophomore year. Junior Transfers students enter their junior year and complete a minimum of 4-quarter related performance classes. Related performance courses consist of acting, voice/speech, and movement classes. All undergraduate students in the department (from any sequence) are able to audition for most departmental undergraduate productions.

Students admitted to the major in the acting sequence are not guaranteed a place in the acting classes each quarter. All sequence classes require instructor consent to enroll. The faculty may elect to not continue a student in the sequence at any time. This could be due to poor performance, poor citizenship (excessive absences, not working up to the standards of the class, poor grades in the class, etc.). In this situation the student would no longer have a sequence but would still graduate on time with a degree in Theater.

Like all other undergraduate sequences, this is not a "major." There is no "acting major." All undergraduates in the program are theater majors and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Theater.

Students in the UCLA TFT Department of Theater cannot change their major to the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media at any time in their four years here. Nor can they change from their sequence into the acting or musical theater sequences.