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        • Q: Is a TFT online course equivalent to a TFT course taken on campus?

          Yes. No substantive distinction is made between courses taken online and those taken on campus. Transcripts do not indicate a course was taken online. The equivalence is particularly transparent for UCLA students, who register and receive grades for all their classes - both online or on campus - through the same university system, MyUCLA.

        • Q: Will academic credit from TFT online courses transfer to my home institution?

          While schools and departments have different policies regarding units earned outside the home institution, UCLA courses are generally accepted for transfer credit. It is advisable to consult a counselor at your home school or department to verify your units will transfer, particularly if you hope to apply units toward specific degree requirements, such as general education, a major or a minor.

          For students from other UC campuses, all UCLA summer activity automatically appears on your home UC campus transcript, and the grades you earn at UCLA are included in your home UC campus grade-point average.

          More information on transferring academic credit can be found on the UCLA Summer Sessions website. Transcripts can be ordered through MyUCLA.

        • Q: Do any of the courses fulfill the UCLA General Education requirements?

          Yes, Film TV 4, Theater 10, Theater 106, and Theater 107 are UCLA GE courses.

        • Q: Who are my instructors? Who grades my work?

          The professors who teach TFT online courses are the very same faculty members who teach them on campus. Teaching Assistants (TAs) are the very same UCLA graduate students overseeing course sections on campus.

          TFT online courses operate very much like their on campus counterparts. They fall into the following categories:

          Lecture-based: Professors lecture, assign readings, etc. Graduate student TAs evaluate assignments under the professor's supervision. Questions about the material and assignments are directed to the professor, and more often, the TA. Students complete lectures and readings on their own schedule in preparation for a midterm and final.

          UCLA online lecture-based courses are:

          Film TV C132, Film TV 122E, Theater 120A and Theater 120B

          Lecture-plus-discussion: Professors lecture, assign readings, etc. Graduate student TAs hold discussion sections on an electronic discussion board, where questions are posted and responses discussed. Questions about the material and assignments are directed to the professor, and more often, the TA.

          Students complete lectures and readings on their own schedule. Written assignments are due on specific dates throughout the session. Written discussion board contributions are due weekly in most classes.

          UCLA online lecture-plus-discussion courses with a discussion board (asynchronous) are:

          Film 122B, Film TV 33, Film 146, Film TV 84A, Theater 10, Theater 107, Theater 110

        • Q: Are exams taken and, if so, where?

          Students in School of Theater, Film and Television online courses are not required to report to campus or special "testing centers" for exams. Tests and assignments, including midterms and finals, are papers or creative writing assignments. Papers and assignment are submitted via Turnitin to prevent fraudulent submissions.

        • Q: Do TFT online classes have prerequisites?

          TFT online courses have the same prerequisite requirements as their on-campus counterparts. Check the UCLA Catalog for prerequisite information for specific classes.

        • Q: Is financial aid available?

          Yes. UCLA and UC students who receive financial aid during the academic year are eligible for financial aid during Summer Sessions. UCLA students can refer to the UCLA Financial Aid Office. UC (non-UCLA) students should visit the financial aid office at their home campus for particulars.

          Visiting and international students are not eligible for financial aid from UCLA. Visit the UCLA Summer Sessions site for more information.

        • Q: Can I use tuition assistance from the U.S. Military or Department of Veterans Affairs?

          UCLA accepts tuition assistance from several VA and Military programs. Visit the UCLA Registrar's Veterans Affairs site or contact the Veterans Benefits Coordinator with all benefits questions at

    • Studying Online
        • Q: Do I ever have to be online at a specific hour?

          School of Theater, Film and Television online courses do not require you to be online at a specific time. Professors set deadlines, but students choose the place and time to watch lectures and work on assignments. Students should plan on logging in to course websites at least three times each week.

          Professors and TAs may schedule optional office hours via video conferencing. Details are on the course website.

        • Q: How do I access the Class Website?

          Enrolled students can access the class website starting on the first day of the session. The class website can be accessed from the Classes menu on MyUCLA or the Course Webpage link on the Schedule of Classes.

        • Q: How do I view lectures?

          Lectures can be viewed in the Class Website from your computer or mobile device. An Internet connection is required to view lectures.

        • Q: What kind of interaction do I have with my professor and TA?

          Students interact with their professors and TAs online in various ways.

          TAs and professors are active on the discussion board, both as moderators and participants. Each board has a special forum where the professor and TA can respond to questions about the course and its assignments. Courses with discussion sections include a blog where the professor and TA can post images, links, commentary and video to respond to issues and questions that arise during the six weeks of class.

          Optional office hours by video conference are often scheduled by professors and TAs, particularly before major assignments are due.

          Students can email their TA directly with questions of individual concern.

        • Q: How do online classes differ from those taken on campus?

          Online courses and their on-campus counterparts share the same syllabi and are identical in terms of learning objectives and material covered. Differences are most apparent in how each context lends itself to different learning styles.
          Some students appreciate the structure of an on-campus class. The physical presence of a lecturer can be inspiring, the presence of fellow students in a room stimulating and the structure of a "place and time" schedule grounding. Other students are good at managing their time and appreciate a greater degree of flexibility. These students tend to do very well in the online environment.

          Students in online classes work at their own speed, review lectures and class exhibits as often as needed and thoughtfully craft arguments in writing for the discussion board.

        • Q: Can I get all my assignments in advance?

          No. Most assignments, like weekly discussion section questions, midterm and final papers, are posted as they are assigned in the normal flow of the course. In general, students cannot "work ahead."

          Some courses may list assignment topics in advance, but students may not be prepared to properly attempt them until they have completed the preceding coursework.

          The due dates of major assignments are available from the first day of class to allow students flexibility in scheduling work and managing their time. Syllabi are also available on the Course List page of this website to give students a general idea of assignments.

        • Q: How do I get my textbooks?

          Textbooks for TFT online courses are available at the UCLA campus bookstores. If you are not on campus, you can order your textbooks online from the Textbook Store.

          Most books can often be found at as well.

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