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Theater Faculty

Our faculty provide comprehensive training in all the professions of theater, from playwriting and acting to costume design and directing. They also provide a study of theater's 2,500-year history and literature. Students engage in the presentation of dramatic work in a community where creativity and critical thought combine in the exploration of the artistic and intellectual challenges inherent in the making of theater. The Department of Theater has some of the most distinguished faculty and visiting artists in the world. With this professional training, students are following in the footsteps of our illustrious alumni.

Roster Faculty

Kite Named Theater Chair The former producing artistic director of the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts has been named chair of the Department of TheaterLearn more
J.Ed Araiza Professor; Area Head, MFA Acting Program
Sue-Ellen Case Professor; Head of Theater and Performance Studies
Myung Hee Cho Professor
Michelle Liu Carriger Assistant Professor
Brian Kite Chair; Professor
Miwon Kwon Professor
Sean Metzger Associate Professor
Thomas O'Connor Associate Professor; Vice Chair, Undergraduate Studies
Joseph M. Olivieri Associate Professor
Sylvan Oswald Assistant Professor
Rich Rose Professor
Marike Splint Assistant Professor
Dominic Taylor Professor
José Luis Valenzuela Professor; Head of Directing
Edit Villarreal Professor; Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Professors Emeriti

Alan Armstrong Professor Emeritus John R. Cauble Professor Emeritus Patricia Harter Professor Emerita Robert H. Hethmon Professor Emeritus
Anna Krajewska-Wieczorek Professor Emerita Michael McLain Professor Emeritus Joanne T. McMaster Professor Emerita Thomas Orth Sr Lecturer SOE Emeritus
Mel Shapiro Professor Emeritus Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei Professor Emerita William D. Ward Professor Emeritus William T. Wheatley Professor Emeritus
Margaret L. Wilbur Professor Emerita

Visiting & Adjunct Faculty

Vikas Adam Lecturer Raquel Barreto Adjunct Assistant Professor Cheryl Baxter Lecturer Robert Beltran Visiting Professor
Dan Belzer Adjunct Associate Professor Andrew Borba Lecturer Scott Brick Lecturer Elizabeth Brohm Hanrahan Lecturer
Jonathan Burke Administrative Coordinator Amy Chaffee Lecturer Sara Ryung Clement Lecturer Drew Dalzell Lecturer
Perry Daniel Lecturer Michael Donovan Lecturer Mary Jo DuPrey Lecturer Josh Epstein Lecturer
Cynthia Ettinger Visiting Associate Professor Sharna Fabiano Lecturer Anthony Fanning Lecturer Tony Fitzgerald Lecturer
Gina DeDomenico Flanagan Lecturer Adam Flemming Lecturer Marilyn Fox Visiting Assistant Professor John Garofalo Lecturer
Ellen Geer Lecturer Paul Girard Academic Coordinator David Gorshein Lecturer Nicholas Gunn Adjunct Professor
Peggy Hickey Adjunct Professor Daniel Ionazzi Academic Administrator Areum Jeong Lecturer Lainie Kazan Adjunct Professor
Linda Kerns Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Laskin Lecturer ‎Ellen Lauren Visiting Associate Professor Kimberly Lyons Lecturer
Jeremy Mann Adjunct Associate Professor Shelly Markham Lecturer Lee Martino Lecturer AJ Meijer Lecturer
Edward Monaghan Adjunct Associate Professor Judith Moreland Adjunct Associate Professor Marek Probosz Visiting Assistant Professor Tim Robbins Visiting Associate Professor
Jean-Louis Rodrigue Adjunct Associate Professor ‎Chantal Rodriguez Lecturer Jane Ruhm Lecturer Pablo Santiago-Brandwein Lecturer
Robin Schneider Lecturer Nathan Schroeder Lecturer Angela Scott Lecturer April Shawhan Adjunct Associate Professor
Peter Shushtari Lecturer Jonathan Snipes Lecturer Natsuo Tomita Lecturer Bruce Vaughn Adjunct Assistant Professor
Paul M. Wagar Adjunct Associate Professor Jonathan Wang Lecturer Ben Whitehair Lecturer Mark Worthington Lecturer

In Memoriam

Gilbert Cates Donald B. Crabs Gary Gardner Henry Goodman
John H. Jones Sylvia Moss
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