Lab for New Media

Location: Melnitz 2536

The Lab for New Media is a classroom-style lab with 10 Apple Intel iMac workstations (white Intel iMac 2.16 GHz with 20” widescreen display). Teachers can book this lab to host technical and software class presentations. The teacher’s iMac workstation at the front of the room is connected to a SONY video projector for these presentations, so that students may view the teacher’s actions and follow along on their own station. There is a rack by the teacher workstation with several standard definition tape decks, including a VCR, Hi8, DVD, MiniDisc and Cassette, and the room is set up with a 5.1 capable sound system.

All iMac stations in this lab have CD and DVD burners. Students must provide their own firewire drive for media storage and their own discs if they wish to burn CDs or DVDs using the computer workstations in this lab. Whenever not in use by a class, film and new media students who have registered for legitimate door codes may enter and use any available station in this lab to work on class related projects. This lab has Final Cut Studio 2, iLife, Macromedia Director MX, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Freehand 10, Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Illustrator, Frame Forge 3D Studio, Max MSP, and Safari and Firefox browsers.

All stations can connect to the Internet and to the department’s network, including accessing department servers. These servers are primarily used for staff to access to support and installation tools and for students to use school’s sound effects library. One L4NM server is set aside for temporary storage of course materials used by our teachers and it is erased quarterly.