Freud Playhouse

Location: Macgowan Hall

The Ralph Freud Playhouse is a 567-seat proscenium theater. The versatile space is home to year-round theatrical repertory and musical theater and features a stage size that is typical for a 1,500-seat venue. In addition to stage productions, the playhouse can be used for panels and film shoots. With elevators and space extending 12 feet back under the stage, it can easily accommodate a full orchestra.

Directions and Parking
1. From Hilgard Ave. enter the east side of campus at Wyton Dr.
2. Make and immediate right turn onto Charles E. Young Dr. East and signs will direct you to Parking Structure 3.
3. From the ground level of Structure 3, enter the underpass (or from the street level cross Charles E. Young Dr. North and proceed down steps) and walk straight alongside Melnitz and Macgowan Halls.
4. Turn left at the plaza and proceed to the courtyard of theaters.

Freud Playhouse Technical Specs

Rental Info
Freud Playhouse $1,200.00 / day seating capacity is 470-567
Campus rate PH $1,000.00 / day

Labor Rates
Event Manager $43.00/ hr.
Lead Stage Technician $37.00/ hr.
Stage Technician $30.00/ hr.
Audio Engineer/Mixer $48.00/hr.
Audio Technician $40.00/hr.

For Rental Inquiries Contact
Macgowan Rental Office
Phone: 310-206-1357