The Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute Scholarship


The Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute is a need- and merit-based scholarship opportunity for underserved/underrepresented high school students enrolled in grades 9-12 who have been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and would benefit significantly from a Summer Institute experience. Both partial and full scholarships are available for high school students enrolled in UCLA Theater Summer Institutes including Acting and Performance, Camera Acting and Musical Theater.

Important Dates


  • Feb. 15, 2022: Registration for UCLA Theater Summer Institutes available
  • Deadlines: Application submissions and award decisions are on a rolling basis.



    To apply for the Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute Scholarship, you must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • You will be a high school student in Fall 2022 (seniors graduating in 2022 are eligible)
  • You have not received any UCLA Summer Sessions support or scholarship in the past
  • You have a family annual adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less
  • You have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak
  • You are a high school student enrolled in one of the following UCLA Theater Summer Institutes: Acting and Performance, Camera Acting, Musical Theater, Voice-over and Camera Acting, Stage Management, Design Summer Institute-Costume, Live Performance and Media

    Deferred payment of the deposit required for enrollment is available to those who meet additional need-based criteria. See Deferred Deposit for more information.

    Nicholas Endowment Award

    The Nicholas Endowment Award will be awarded based on academic ability and financial need for those who have been impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and would benefit significantly from a Summer Institute experience.

    Awards vary but will not exceed the total amount for a single Summer Institute. Awards are not intended to cover travel costs and may not cover accommodations or textbooks and other course materials.

    This year, $25,000 is available to support selected high school students. Both partial and full scholarships will be awarded. The award amount will reflect the fees of the Summer Institute in which the applicant is enrolled.

    If selected, scholarship recipients will create a short thank you video and contribute to a book of images and messages documenting their experience in the program for our generous donors.


    Application Requirements

    All requirements below should be acquired and prepared prior to starting the online Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute Scholarship form.

  • Unofficial transcript showing all grades from 9th to present and a cumulative GPA
  • Student resume
  • Personal statement (see below for specifications)
  • W-2 tax form (if eligible for one)
  • 1040 tax form
  • Questions? Please email


    Personal Statement

    Applicants must answer three essay prompts. Please answer the question below (Section 1) and then select two out of the six questions in Section 2 to answer. Each answer should be between 250–300 words.

    Section 1 (must be answered):

  • How have you and/or your family been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak?

    Section 2 (Please choose two from the following questions):

  • Submit a creative writing piece set during the COVID-19 outbreak that focuses on a fictional character and includes an act of kindness or heroism. Feel free to use your imagination.
  • Explain your passion for the program you have applied to.
  • How do you hope to incorporate theater/musical theater/camera acting/voice-over/design/stage management/webisode writing/live performance and media into your academic or career goals after the program?
  • Describe how a specific play, musical, film or TV show has influenced you as a storyteller?
  • Tell us about a time you were challenged to do something out of your comfort zone. How did you face this challenge and what lesson(s) did you take away from the experience?

    Personal Statements should be prepared ahead of application and saved in one singular Word or PDF document to upload into the online form.

    How to Apply

  • Register for a Pre-College Summer Institute starting Feb. 15, 2022. Payment of the nonrefundable deposit is required (with the exception of those applying for Deferred Deposit. For information Deferred Deposit, see “Deferred Deposit” below)
  • Prepare the Application Requirement paperwork and Personal Statement
  • Complete the Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute Scholarship online application, which is available from April 2 through May 5 at 5:00 p.m. (Link will appear below when application is active).



    Deferred Deposit

    Registration for UCLA Summer Sessions requires a deposit of $150; however, the deposit amount may be deferred for students who meet all eligibility requirements for the Nicholas Endowment TFT Summer Institute Scholarship, complete the application prior to the deadline, AND meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Current recipient of the State of California (CalFresh) or U.S. Public Assistance (including food stamps, cash, and/or medical assistance). Documentation Required: Copy of EBT Card and photo ID (please blackout your driver’s license number if using license as Photo ID).
  • Participant in the free and reduced lunch program. Documentation Required: Photo of lunch tickets or official letter from your high school.
  • Family Annual Gross Income below $50,000. Documentation Required: Page 1 of parent/guardian(s) 1040 EZ (please blackout social security numbers)

    Those applying for Deferred Deposit can attach the required documentation during the Nicholas Endowment Scholarship online form and will be contacted after successful submission of the online Form with further steps.

    NOTE: Receiving Deferred Deposit does NOT indicate student will receive a Summer Scholarship, as the scholarship is very competitive. In the event you apply for a scholarship and are not granted one, you will have 24 business hours to pay the $150 deposit; otherwise, you will be dropped from your program.