Supporting Film Education
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Supporting Film Education

Studying film at UCLA is an experience that we strive to be able to offer to aspiring filmmakers based on merit regardless of their financial situation. Every dollar that is given to the film scholarship fund is used to ease the financial burden put on our students and provide them with the invaluable support that they need to successfully complete their education.

We also need funds to support the purchase and repair of equipment and technology necessary to provide a first-rate film education. While much of these expenses come out of our normal operating budget, it's necessary for the Chair of the film department to draw on funds held in the Chair's fund. When a critical piece of equipment breaks or an unforeseen expense surfaces, the Chair's fund is an invaluable asset.

Regardless of the size of your gift, know that your philanthropic support is a partnership with our undergraduate and graduate students in their endeavors and is vital to their success!

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Student Impact
"I am a fourth year MFA directing student finishing my thesis project, a documentary on the impact the natural gas industry has had on small communities in rural Pennsylvania. I hope to continue making works with a social conscience thanks to the generosity of donors who recognize the value in helping students and supporting the arts."

--Meryl O’Connor
2012 Jim Morrison Film Awardee