Theater BA: Integrated Studies Emphasis

Integrated Studies offers the greatest latitude among the areas of study in the undergraduate Theater major. Incoming students interested in the directing or playwriting emphases, in pursuing upper division coursework in theater and performance studies, in cross-training within the major or in having the maximum freedom to pursue a variety of curricular and extracurricular interests while in college should consider Integrated Studies.

Students in the program may customize their electives to fit their intent for studying theater at UCLA TFT. There is no directed sequence of courses to take beyond the required courses needed to graduate. Most classes are open to integrated studies theater studies students. However, some elective emphasis classes in acting and musical theater are subject to a competitive audition.

Students are required to meet with the undergraduate vice chair at the beginning of each year, and can elect to meet with a faculty mentor if they wish.

The UCLA TFT Theater program is not a training conservatory. This program is not for the student who is eager to begin working professionally right away. For those persons we recommend one of the excellent B.F.A. conservatory training programs found across the country. The Theater program at UCLA TFT is for students who see themselves as scholar/artists; who are eager to learn and want a great university education from one of the world's major research institutions. Roughly half of the student's classes are in subjects other than theater. This education will prepare the graduate to be an informed citizen of an ever more complex world, an original and critical thinker, as well as providing one of the best theater educations offered in the country.

Like all other theater undergraduate emphases, Integrated Studies is not a "major." All undergraduates in the theater program are Theater majors and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Theater.

All Theater undergraduate students (from any area) may audition for most departmental undergraduate productions.

Please note that students in the UCLA TFT Department of Theater cannot change from their emphasis into the acting or musical theater emphases.