Track 4: Digital Media Studies: 3D Movies and Video Games

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The Digital Media Studies track provides students with experience in the study of videogames and 3D technology. Videogames and 3D films are two of the fastest growing segments in the entertainment industry. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the history of these increasingly important aspects of digital media, including discussion of current trends, effects of new technologies, and are given hands-on experience with different game platforms and 3D styles using our Digital Lab.

In the exclusive Summer Institute Symposium, students from all tracks meet and listen to some of Hollywood’s most accomplished professionals. High-wattage guests have included Simon Kinberg (Writer/Producer, "X-Men: First Class," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"); Zak Penn (Writer, "The Incredible Hulk"); Chris Gorak (Director, "The Darkest Hour"); John Hegeman (Chief Marketing Officer, New Regency Productions); and many others.

Hollywood & Networking
When you are in Hollywood, you have to visit a studio set and you got to schmooze! As part of the Summer Institute students tour a major Hollywood movie studio and attend the taping of a television show. On Closing Night we show all the movies from the Film Production and Animation tracks and host a not-to-be-missed networking mixer for students and alumni of our program.

This program carries 10 units of credit. Students in this track are enrolled in these classes:

  • FTV 100A: Symposium (1 unit)
    In this weekly seminar, prominent guests from the industry/faculty share their experiences and research.
  • FTV 114: Film Genres: 3D Films (5 units)
    Students study the history and development of videogames over the last several decades. The course focuses on new technologies and industry practices that have driven a rise in the quality and quantity of videogames in recent years. Students attend a regular lecture and play different videogames and systems as part of the course.
  • FTV 188A: Special Topics: Video Games (4 units)
    This course examines the video game as a medium, investigating how video games have developed during the forty years of their existence. The seminar focuses on how issues of design, genre, narrative, interactivity and spatiality inform both the medium as a whole and individual games in particular. The class emphasizes group discussions that ask how video games function as media texts within popular culture. Studying a range of games, both classic and contemporary, and actively reading a range of theory and criticism that characterizes the many possible approaches available to the video game scholar, the class will engage the following questions: How do video games function? In what ways to video games differ from other types of games? How does video game design influence our experience of individual games? In what ways do video game players interact with video games as a digital technology? How do video games function aesthetically, narratively, spatially, and technically?

This track is open to all college students (freshmen and above) and aspiring film lovers of all ages (18 and above), including international students. Applicants are required to submit short essays that demonstrate critical thinking.

Program Cost
This program carries quarter units of 10 UC credit.

View the program layout for Digital Media Studies (June 23—August 1, 2014).

Register Online. In order to secure your spot, a $150 nonrefundable deposit is due upon completion of your application for the program. You may pay by credit or debit card using our secure online credit card form. Your $150 deposit is nonrefundable.

Grades and Transcripts
Program participants will earn units of credit on a letter grading basis and will be recorded on an official University of California transcript. Please note that official transcripts are not automatically sent to students.

Housing is available in the UCLA Residence Halls for students age 16 and older. You can view the various housing options and rates. You will need UCLA Logon ID and Password in order to access the online housing application.

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