TV Studio 3

Location: Melnitz 1462

The television studios are available 24/7 to students. Individual rehearsal and production time must be scheduled in the Production Office and cannot conflict with scheduled classes or with engineering maintenance time. Any work with cameras also requires a qualified TA or faculty member to be present at all times when cameras are running.

3 Sony D-30TX cameras with pneumatic pedestals, fully motorized 19×1 zoom lenses
3 Sony DVCAM (DSR-80) Digital VCRs
10 station, 2 channel intercom system
Grass Valley model 100 switcher with effects
Medium-sized chromakey cyclorama
Character generator
Lighting grid, with fixtures and dimmers, Strand Century computerized console
Large access door to the hallway (hand driven)
Pacific Research & Engineering 12 Channel Audio Mixing Console with CD Player, Audio Cassette Players/Recorders

For Rental Inquiries Contact
Rand Soares
Phone: 310-267-5359