Thesis Edit Suite / Avid 1

Location: Melnitz 2463

The Thesis Edit Suite is restricted to Thesis Avid projects only. This room is the only editing suite in the digital post-production department that does not have Final Cut Studio installed. Instead, the Thesis Edit Suite is dedicated to Avid editing and houses one of the school’s only two Avid Adrenalines with Avid Media Composer Soft. (The other Avid Adrenaline is in the Editing Classroom/Avid 2, which is a multipurpose editing space and production classroom). Both Avid Adrenlines are standard definition only. Both stations work with material digitized from DV tape via a SONY DSR-45 deck, located in the Editing Classroom.

Access to all of these rooms is generally by supervised appointment only or via special agreement, and access is limited to graduate production students requiring use of these tools who have made appointments in advance with post production staff.