Sound Stages

  • Dimensions: 56’ x 38’
  • Actual working space: 43’ x 21’
  • Hanging Green Beds equipped with 1K, 2K and 5K lights
  • Power system: 110 Bates
  • Rolling Elephant Door for easy access
  • Camera Room within the Stage itself
  • Equipped with a Red Light system, but no Bells
  • Series of 2K, 5K and 10K lights on rolling stands
  • Excellent Air Systems
  • Catwalks and Perms approx. 50’ from the Stage floor

Stage 1: The George Burns Sound Stage

Location: Melnitz 1425

Sound stage 1 was renamed the George Burns Sound Stage in gratitude for the generous philanthropy of the George Burns Trust. Through the establishment of the George Burns and Gracie Allen Scholarships and Fellowships in Comedy and other endowments, Mr. Burns advanced the pursuit of knowledge and continues to inspire promising UCLA students to greater achievement.

Stage 2

Location: Melnitz 1427

Stage 3

Location: Melnitz 1439

The permanent set on Stage 3, also known as the cinematography stage, is specifically designed as a teaching tool for student cinematographers. This stage is not available for rental.

Rentals: Rand Soares
Phone: 310-267-5359