Scoring Stage

Location: Melnitz 1410

The Scoring Stage has one Mac Pro with Pro Tools HD 10.3.10 with one HDX card, two HD I/O interfaces, two PREs, one SYNC HD and a Control24 control surface. To allow this space to function as our most professional recording studio with all of this equipment, the Scoring Stage is a Pro Tools-only recording room. The Scoring Stage has a large studio for recording ADR, Foley and large music ensembles. The studio has a grand piano and various professional studio microphone stands. There is a cabinet in the booth with a microphone, cables, headphones box and headphones for simple ADR and Foley sessions. There is a riser in the studio with Foley surfaces and Foley pits. There are also several carpets and baffles for audio separation and isolation during multitrack recording sessions. As a recording studio, the projection system is picture only – this room cannot function as a screening room.

Capacity: 20 chairs in studio / 9 chairs in booth

Equipment: This room has one Apple Mac Pro computer with the following software:

  • • Pro Tools HD 10
  • Hardware:

  • • Projection system
  • • Two computer displays
  • • Control24 mix console
  • • Two Avid HD I/O
  • • Two PRE
  • • SYNC HD
  • • HDX PCIe card
  • • Blu-ray Player
  • • Crown amps
  • • 2-ch Mains speaker system
  • • 2-ch near-field speakers
  • • Recording stage with grand piano
  • • Hammond organ
  • • Foley pits and surfaces
  • • Studio microphone stands and music stands