Film to Video Transfer Room

Location: Melnitz 2464

The Film to Video Transfer Room [2464] is home to a Videola V-1000 machine with Sony DXC-3000 camera attached. The camera videotapes a 16mm workprint and accompanying 16mm mag sound track recording the material to videotape. The room permanently has a VHS machine for these dubs, but when needed a DVCam deck is connected for video transferring to a digital medium.

Directions and Parking

From Hilgard Ave. enter the east side of campus at Wyton Dr.

Make and immediate right turn onto Charles E. Young Dr. East and signs will direct you to Parking Structure 3.

From the ground level of Structure 3, enter the underpass (or from the street level cross Charles E. Young Dr. North and proceed down steps) and walk straight alongside Melnitz and Macgowan Halls.

Turn left at the plaza and proceed to the courtyard of theaters.

For Rental Inquiries Contact
Rand Soares
Phone: 310-267-5359