Equipment Use Policy And Procedures

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Equipment Requests

Equipment can be requested only after insurance and enrollment in a specific production class has been verified. Once you have finalized your shooting dates and your equipment needs, come to the Tech Office, fill out an Equipment Request Form, and submit it. Only the enrolled student who has secured insurance coverage and who will be financially responsible for the equipment is permitted to submit the request.

Certain items are considered special order additional equipment items and may require additional equipment insurance fees to be paid at the time the request is submitted. These items will not be held or reserved for the student if the fee payment is not received at that time. In the case of these special order items the fee is non-refundable for any cancellations which occur more than 72 hours after the request has been submitted.

Your requests will be logged in the order in which it was received. Some equipment is on a first come first serve basis. Place requests as early as possible. All requests must be placed at least two working days prior to the requested pick up date. Other equipment use policy information is available at the Tech Office.

TFT students are allowed to check out specified equipment for specified periods of time dependent upon the classes in which they are enrolled. The list of equipment which your production class will be using is updated and posted at the start of every quarter.

After filling out and submitting your request form, call or stop by the Tech Office after 10am the following business day. At that time the availability of your equipment will be confirmed and/or discussed and your check out and return times will be scheduled.

When you request equipment, please request only what is absolutely necessary. If you have questions or need instruction in the use of a particular piece of equipment, please ask. The Tech Office conducts technical workshops on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month from 4-7pm. Space is limited and reservations are required. Subjects covered will be by request but subject to change. The Tech Office will not release equipment to individuals who are unfamiliar with the proper use of the equipment.

Equipment Pick-Up/Check Out

Please ensure you are punctual for your scheduled check out time. Latecomers will have to wait while equipment is checked out to those who were on time.

For you own protection, you should check out your own equipment. If you wish, you may arrange for your Producer/Production Manager or Director of Photography to check out your equipment provided you discuss this in advance with the Tech Office and you provide a signed Third Party Check-Out Authorization Form which clearly states that you assume full financial responsibility for anything checked out in your name. The Tech Office will provide you with this form.

We will not check out equipment at any time to any third parties under any circumstances other than this policy.

Allow a minimum of one hour for the check-out process. Don’t assume that the Tech Office can provide you with a parking pass.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Set up and test the equipment as you intend to use it, in the Camera Prep Room or elsewhere to ensure that:
  • Every single item listed on the Equipment Check-Out Agreement is actually included in the equipment package you are checking out.
  • The equipment is in good working order.
  • You have everything that you will need.

Your responsibilities are articulated at the bottom of the Equipment Check-Out Agreement, above your signature. You will be charged for all damaged and missing equipment listed on your Equipment Delivery Receipt. So be absolutely sure the Equipment Check-Out Agreement is accurate.

REMEMBER: Once you sign for and remove the equipment from the Tech Office, YOU HAVE ASSUMED FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.

The personnel of the Tech Office will do everything possible to achieve a high level of quality control but problems will sometimes arise. Checking the condition of the equipment and confirming the items on your Equipment Check-Out Agreement protects you from having to pay for missing items or damage for which you are not responsible. If you notice any damage on the equipment which does not affect its performance, have the Tech Office personnel fill out a Damage Noticed Upon Check Out Form to protect you from being held responsible.

If the damage negatively affects the performance of the item, request a replacement. The Tech Office is responsible for determining the proper performance of an item, and what constitutes adequate replacement.

Office of Insurance and Risk Management coverage, if applicable, covers only the items on the Equipment Check-Out Agreement. Coverage will NOT extend to damage or total loss due to negligence, including theft or loss from an unattended vehicle. Coverage deductibles will apply. It is the Student’s responsibility to be aware of the insurance deductible amount and insurance claim procedural requirements.

TESTING: If you are shooting film, it is recommended and it is your responsibility to shoot, process, and evaluate a camera film test. The camera package will be made available for film testing in the Camera Prep Room for 1-2 hours during regular Tech Office hours. Tech Office personnel are willing to help and advise you during the test but it is your responsibility to get the test done correctly and deliver the exposed test footage to the lab as well as to pick it up and evaluate it. This process MUST be completed several days in advance of the scheduled pick-up day.