Editing Classroom

Location: Melnitz 2467

The Editing Classroom features a G5 PowerPC computer with both Final Cut Studio and Avid Media Composer Soft and has seating for 13 people. It has a wall-mounted Panasonic 50” wide-screen plasma monitor and a consumer-style Yamaha 5.1 surround sound system with built-in DVD player. There are a few standard definition decks in the desk (VCR and BetacamSP) that can be used for playback only to the 50” plasma and sound system, but the most popular deck in the room is a SONY DSR-45 DVCam deck.

This deck is used not only for editing classes to screen dailies and edits-on-tape, but also, when classes are not taking place, the DV deck is used by post-production staff, TAs and other students for capturing or outputting to tape, using both Final Cut Pro or Avid, depending on the project. The room is also often used for special presentations by vendors and for staff training. There is a large white-erase board mounted on the side wall.