Design Room Theater

Location: Melnitz 2534

The Design Room Theater is a large and popular lecture hall. It features a high-definition Panasonic PT-DW5000U Multimedia Projector and a JBL 5.1 surround sound system and a large, motorized 14-foot screen. The screen can be raised to reveal a large chalkboard (24 feet across). A tall machine rack at the front of the room has a DVD player (5.1 sound), VCR (stereo sound) and Laserdisc player (stereo sound); and a SONY DSR-11 DVCam deck (stereo, and switchable from PAL to NTSC), all of which are connected to a receiver that runs to the room’s projector and sound system.

There is also an Apple G5 PowerPC computer with Final Cut Studio and Powerpoint and an Internet connection. At the base of the machine rack, there are additional VGA, DVI and stereo mini cables attached to a switch-box. Instructions for using the decks, receiver, projector and laptop switch-box are on the back of the machine rack. Besides the video projector, the Design Room’s projection booth also has a 16mm film projector, but access to the booth is restricted to those with appropriate door codes. The room has permanent theater seating for 56, plus a wheelchair seating area at the back. There are two entrances at the back of the theater, one on either side.