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The School of Theater, Film and Television gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors in fiscal year 2023. It was a remarkable year filled with new challenges that allowed our students and faculty to shine even more. Philanthropic gifts provided for student wellness and scholarship, as well as faculty research, enhanced virtual curricular initiatives, strategic community partnerships and engaging remote programming. Many other critically important areas vital to the mission of the School were also supported. To report an error, please email

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$100,000 - $249,999
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Charitable Trust

Cyan Films

$25,000 - $49,999
Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Donald L. De Line '80
Mary '67 and Caleb Deschanel
Joan and Albert Dorman (P)*
Margaret and Greg Gabriel '72
Allison Wright and Andrew Kaplan '81
Brad Lamm and Scott Sanders
Florence and Harry Sloan '71 (P)*

$1,000 - $4,999
Ally Financial, Inc
J.Ed Araiza
Anissa and Paul Balson (P)*
Phyllis and Donald Epstein
Brynne and Daniel Fellman
Margaret Phillips '70, PHD '90 and
Mario Gerla MS '70, PHD '73** (P)*
Mary and Gene Goldberg (P)*
Angela J. Naskar
Diane Cary and Jim Parriott III MFA '74
Judith '64 and William Levin '63, MS '66, MS '73 (P)*
Stephen N. Sauer '74 (P)*
Commie and Clay Stevens (P)*

$500 - $999
Frederick E. A. Bush
John T. Caldwell MA '83
Canted Angle, Inc.
Ann Straubinger DeWolfe '66 and William DeWolfe**
Robert E. Durham MA '57
Lin Zhang and Michael Iracondo III '91
Cathy F. Linder '72
Lindsey and Arthur Lombardi MPA '67 (P)*
Jerry D. Mosher '82, MA '97, PHD '07
Bette '60 and Jeffrey Nagin '54
Princess Grace Foundation U.S.A.
Alexandra Seros '69, PHD '19 and Walter Ulloa
Yvonne and Albert Verkuylen (P)*
Jill '85 and Eric Weinlein MBA '85

$1 - $499
Anonymous (x3)
Anne and Paul Ahrens '80
Karl Alvestad '86
Charlene Anderson '73, MA '75 and Steve Smith (P)*
Renee and Marcus Ballinger (P)*
Marcia MA '84 and Steven Barryte '68 (P)*
Michelle L. Beckman (P)*
Michelle Bitting and Phillip Abrams (P)*
Gwen Bolger Trust
Robin and Alan Brimfield '68
Christine and William Byrnes MFA '72
Gabriel S. Choi '93
Malena and Jeffrey Copeland (P)*
Pamela and Michael Crane (P)*
Steven D. Cuden MFA '10
Andrea H. Davis
Samrong and Jefferson Dunbar Jr. '80, MFA '88
Judi and John Finkbiner '93
Erik M. Friedl MFA '81
Almaz and Fisseha Gessesse

Frederic A. Golchan '76
Paula and Angel Granados MFA '13
Rosa Graziano
Connie Green
Julie L. Green (P)*
Kristy M. Guevara-Flanagan
Ryan Hamilton
Tong He MS '19
Isabel and Clark Henderson '78
Robert D. Henert
Shannon M. Holt '84
Noela '92 and Ruben Hueso '92
Teleia Montgomery and Willard Huyck Jr.
Scott C. Jaberg
Diane and Trent Johnson (P)*
Kumiko Hakushi and Daniel Jue '88
Karla Campbell and Kurt Koldinger (P)*
Amy '90 and Damon Korb
Angie and Paul Lebidine (P)*
David A. Leiman '84
Cynthia O'Connor '88 and George Leiva '93
Erin '87 and Kenneth Lennon '85, MFA '87 (P)*
Kevin Leung '90
Leland F. Lew '78
Jason Lidman '10 and Gregory Strabavy
Louisville Films, Inc.
Debra and Rudy Martinez
Teresa A. Garcia Martino MFA '93
Tanyss and David Martula (P)*
Whitney '85 and Bruce McCleery
Emily R. Mikolitch '17
Clark G. Mires '67
Karen and Jonathan Moore MFA '03
Maureen C. Murphy-Baird
Tammy Nguyen MFA '04 and George Lee
Chon A. Noriega
Lisa and Roger Olson '70
Rebecca Parayre (P)*
Maria Turner-Penner and Franklyn Penner
Franklyn & Maria Penner Trust
Michael Peretzian '63, MA '66, MFA '66
Lateisha J. Pernell '13
Elaine C. Ray
Sharon '86 and Kenneth Reichman '87 (P)*
Grace and Floriano Rodriguez Jr. (P)*
Lois and Moshe Rothblum '65
Motomi and Matt Rudoff (P)*
Katherine Ruppe MFA '04 and Kevin Jarvis
Julie and Derek Schwartz (P)*
Eve Spencer and Paul Selfa '86
Linda Bochte and R. John Slosser '69
Freya MFA '77 and Dennis Smallwood
Lisa MFA '91 and Jeffrey Smith '65
Laura and Jason Stephenson (P)*
Angela and Jim Strain MFA '85
Emily Sullivan
Gloria K. Tapp
Jasmine N. Trice
Deborah '73 and Ronald White
Shucheng Yan
Leeann Yelavich '77, MED '82 and George Wade '79
Hyun T. Yi (P)*
Robert F. Yonchak MFA '98
Yan Gao and Yizhang Zhou (P)*


Emmet Abrams
Michelle Bitting and Phillip Abrams (P)*

Cristina P. Gerla
Margaret Phillips '70, PHD '90 and Mario Gerla MS '70, PHD '73** (P)*

Raymond Golchan
Frederic A. Golchan '76

Brian E. Kite
Frederick E.A. Bush

Guillermo Perez
J.Ed Araiza

Ruthie Reichman
Sharon '86 and Kenneth Reichman '87 (P)*


James M. Bridges
The Bridges/Larson Foundation

Pamela B. Briggs
Andrea H. Davis
Paula and Angel Granados MFA '13
Kristy M. Guevara-Flanagan
Ryan Hamilton
Chon A. Noriega
Jasmine N. Trice

Dr. Gary A. Gardner
Shannon M. Holt '84
Gloria K. Tapp

Mark T. Goldberg
Franklyn & Maria Penner Trust

Gloria Katz
Teleia Montgomery and Willard Huyck Jr.

Michael Lang
Anne and Paul Ahrens '80

Jack Larson
The Bridges/Larson Foundation



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