Shaina Goel

Shaina Goel

Ph.D. student

Third-year Ph.D. student Shaina Goel’s research focuses on documentary studies, new media studies and feminist science and technology. Her master's thesis considered fetal ultrasounds published on YouTube through analysis of technology and fetal personhood. Her dissertation on reproductive technologies seeks to disrupt the narrative that increasingly innovative technology, which purports to reveal and penetrate a more “realistically” rendered human body, can justify larger claims of objectivity. Beyond academia, she is an artist who produces documentary shorts, experimental videos and ambient music. She wrote and edited the publication Sunset Market Plaza in collaboration with design studio Use All Five.


M.A., Cinema and Media Studies, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, 2018
B.A., Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara, 2016

Selected Publications

“A Pendulum Between the Arts & Sciences: Reproductive Technologies and Conflations of Seeing and Knowing,” UCLA Center for the Study of Women (2019).

Sunset Market Plaza: Meditations on Strip Malls in Los Angeles. Goel, Shaina & Use All Five (Eds). 2019.

High-Tech and Haute Couture: Cyborg, Gender and High Fashion. Los Angeles Review of Books PubLab (2019).