2020 Fall Quarter FAQS for TFT Students

This is not a static or comprehensive FAQ page, as it will be updated when new information arises. Please come back here to check for the most up-to-date answers to questions that you may have. Further, the TFT Student Services Office will inform all TFT students if important changes are announced. Always make sure that your e-mail is up-to-date on myUCLA to assure you receive these important messages. Please contact your TFT Academic Counselor if you have further inquiries.

Courses and Curriculum

What is the current UCLA Plan for how classes will be taught in Fall 2020?

According to an Aug. 21 e-mail memo from EVC Emily Carter, the current plan for Fall Classes is as follows:

Per county guidelines, in-person and hybrid instruction now will be restricted to required, advanced courses that provide training for students preparing for essential workforce jobs, and which cannot be conducted remotely. These include certain classes in health and medicine, emergency services, social work, the sciences, and engineering. All other courses will be delivered remotely.

How do I know if the Fall class I am signing up for is offered remotely or a hybrid/on-site class?

In the Schedule of Classes and MyUCLA, look at the Location column. Remote classes display "Online." Hybrid/on-site classes display a building name and room number. Some classes may be offered in a hybrid format, with part offered remotely and part offered on-site. With the Aug. 21 announcement, hybrid and on-site classes will need to be adjusted on the Schedule of Classes. They should be accurate on the week of Aug. 31.

What is the first day of Fall Quarter instruction?

Fall Quarter 2020 instruction begins Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. See the Fall Quarter term calendar for this and other important fall quarter dates and deadlines.

When do I enroll in Fall classes?

Enrollment appointments for continuing undergraduate and all graduate students began June 24. Enrollment appointment times were posted to MyUCLA on June 1. Students can also find the appointment schedule on the UCLA Registrar Office’s website. New undergraduates enroll during their New Student Orientation session.

Will there be a TFT Fall Welcome Orientation?

Yes. Please save the date. The TFT Fall Welcome Orientation will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 29 and Wednesday, Sept. 30. When details about the event are finalized, they will be mailed to you.

Because of this announcement of remote classes in Fall Quarter, has it caused a change in the registration payment deadline or the costs of education?

Currently, no. The UCLA Registrar’s Office handles the tuition payment and deadlines for the campus. If there are changes or updates, you can find them on the Registrar’s COVID-19 FAQ page. Additionally, the TFT Student Services Office will inform all TFT students if changes are announced. Always make sure that your e-mail is up-to-date on myUCLA to assure you receive these important messages.

I don’t know what my situation is going to be like in the fall. Should I register for classes now or wait?

It is best to register for your classes now. Register for classes you are most likely to attend under your current situation, and only register for on-site classes if you plan to attend in-person.

Will class sizes be larger for remote classes?

Academic departments make enrollment decisions based on the availability of resources to support remote instruction. Please continually check the Schedule of Classes for changes.

If classes are all full, will more classes be added?

Academic departments determine the number of offered classes and schedule adjustments occur all the way through the first day of instruction. Please continually check the Schedule of Classes for changes.

What if I am required to take a hybrid/on-site class, but cannot attend the class on campus?

We are committed to helping ensure that our enrolled TFT students, regardless of location, can continue making progress toward their degrees. Please start by contacting your appropriate TFT Student Services counselor to explain your situation and working with the department to determine a solution.

Will grading rules and requirements be modified for Fall 2020 classes like they were modified in Spring 2020 classes?

Currently, no. The TFT Student Services Office will inform all TFT students if changes are made. Please continue to review this FAQ list to see if the information has been updated.

How do I know which courses I still need to take to complete my degree?

For TFT majors, please contact with your appropriate TFT Student Services counselor to discuss your current academic status. Continuing undergraduate students can also log into myUCLA and run a Degree Audit. Degree audits are documents that provide students with information about progress towards the degree in their major. This audit is a critical tool in assuring you are taking the correct courses. Please contact you appropriate TFT counselor if you have questions.

Can a remote class count towards my TFT major program requirements?

If the remote class is an approved course for your major/school requirements and was taken at UCLA in Spring 2020, Summer 2020 or Fall 2020, there is a chance that the course will count towards your requirement. Please contact your appropriate TFT Student Services counselor to learn whether that course will count towards the major/school requirement or not.

How will taking all remote classes affect my attempt to be a California Resident?

Only one office at UCLA, the Residence Deputy office can inform UCLA Students of the steps and their progress to be a California Resident. They have several websites: Classification as a Resident, Residence Determination and Residence Guidelines dedicated to California residency. Please contact the Residence Deputy office, if you have further questions on residency.

With remote teaching, can I take less than 12 units in Fall Quarter?

The expectation for all TFT students is to take a full-load (at least 12 units) each quarter that they are here. Taking at least 12-units each quarter is a safe way to assure that 1) the student is in compliance with all requirements for financial aid, funding and awards that they may be receiving and 2) the student is progressing in a normative time-to-degree. Students who are under contract and not in a good Academic Standing status must take at least 12 units. The tuition amount that a student for Fall 2020 pays does NOT decrease if a student takes less than 12 units. Financially, it is best to take 12 or more units in Fall 2020.

If you cannot take 12 units due to some unforeseen reason (e.g., hospitalized due to the coronavirus), please reach out to your TFT Academic Counselor to find out your options.

If I do not want to take remote classes and do not come to UCLA for the Fall Quarter, what are the processes and the consequences?

There are a variety of rules and alternatives to missing a quarter at UCLA. These rules and steps are different for undergraduate students and graduate students. Before students perform the tasks to Declare a Leave of Absence, Withdraw or Declare Non-Attendance for Fall Quarter, we strongly recommend that students first discuss their situation with their TFT Academic Counselor. By meeting with their TFT Academic counselor first, the students can determine if dropping the quarter is the best strategy when learning about the different consequences caused by dropping the quarter.

Campus Resources and Services

Is there a handbook that can tell me about UCLA services, resources and updates?

Yes. The 2020-21 UCLA Student Guidebook can be found on this Student Affairs webpage.

As some classes in Fall will be handled remotely, what resources and tools are available to students for these classes?

UCLA’s Administrative Vice Chancellor has provided a list of resources and tools for the UCLA community.

During the Fall Quarter, what campus services for students will be open? What hours will these services be open?

This Student Affairs website lists the availability status of campus-wide students services and how to contact them during the pandemic.

Will there be library services available during remote learning?

To see which library services are available, visit Library Information and Resources.

Can you update me about the availability of UCLA Residence Halls and UCLA Apartments in Fall?

On Aug. 21, EVC Emily Carter also explained the following in an e-mail:

Under the new county health department directives, universities including UCLA must limit on-campus housing to:

  • • Students who have no alternative housing options and whose current housing does not provide a safe and appropriate environment or does not provide sufficient ADA accommodations
  • • Student-athletes participating in on-campus training and conditioning and
  • • Students enrolled in the aforementioned in-person or hybrid courses who do not have alternative local housing options.
  • Unfortunately, these changes will necessitate a significant reduction in our proposed number of residents on the Hill. Students with current housing contracts soon will be receiving letters from Housing staff to assess whether they fall into any of the above categories; those who do not will be notified of the cancellation of their contract and receive a refund of fees paid. Further information is available on UCLA Housing’s COVID-19 information page.

    What resources do I have if I have to end my lease early due to the pandemic or have other legal issues with my landlord?

    Students can get legal counseling and assistance from the Student Legal Services office.

    I am an incoming student and did not get into the Residence Halls or University Housing. What suggestion do you have for finding an affordable place near campus?

    Students who do not know the UCLA vicinity can get information about the neighborhoods surrounding the UCLA campus. Also, contact your appropriate TFT Student Services counselor to see whether there are other resources or students that can help in an apartment search.

    If I cannot come to campus in Fall Quarter, how do I get textbooks that I need for my classes?

    The UCLA textbook store has a website that explains the ordering of UCLA textbooks during the current safer-at-home orders.

    Financial Aid and Funding

    I am a student that is experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic. What resources are available to me?

    If you are a student in dire financial hardship, please review the information at this Students in Crisis website.

    This financial aid site provides other financial resources for students including the Department of Education CARE funds.

    TFT also has funds for students affected by the pandemic. Please contact your TFT academic counselor if you have questions about these funds. Additionally, students can also apply for Emergency Loans.

    I do not have the funds to purchase a computer to take remote classes and/or purchase internet services. What resources are available to me?

    Students can check out computers from UCLA Library. Try to do this early in the quarter as loaner computers go quickly.

    We are not sure if computer labs will be open in the Fall Quarter, but if so, students will have access to the computers in the labs and the Wi-Fi connections as listed on the CCLIC Computer Lab webpage.

    Graduate Students

    Are there are specific resources for Graduate Students during the pandemic?

    Yes. The Graduate Division created this COVID-19 Resources and Support page to provide UCLA graduate students with resources and support available to them. The Graduate Division provided more resources and information on this site.

    If I contract the COVID-19 virus in Fall Quarter 2020 and need to take a Leave of Absence, will it count towards the three quarter maximum Leave of Absences I can take at UCLA?

    The Graduate Council has voted to recommend that leaves in Fall quarter due to COVID-19 do not count against their three quarter maximum.

    I have to defend my thesis or dissertation in Fall Quarter. How do I get my faculty committee to attend the defense meeting with the social distancing rules?

    The Graduate Council voted to allow remote participation of all committee members and the student for defenses. Dissertation and thesis defenses may be remote through Fall Quarter (Dec. 18, 2020).

    International Students

    I am an International Students and want to know how this announcement affects me.

    The Dashew International Center informs international students about issues that affect them due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For international students, especially new incoming TFT students in Fall 2020, please contact Dashew first and/or review data on their COVID updates site. If you have further questions, please contact your TFT Academic Counselor. They can help with discussion you course options for Fall Quarter 2020.

    Health and Safety

    What do I do if I have the coronavirus symptoms? Where can I get tested for the coronavirus?

    UCLA’s Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center provides information of what to do if you have symptoms and how to get tested. As explained, "please self-isolate until after you have spoken to someone at the Ashe Center" or other medical professional. Do NOT attend a hybrid/on-site classes until you speak with a medical professional.

    Where can I go to review the latest updates on the coronavirus at UCLA?

    This UCLA Newsroom page features the latest updates and information about coronavirus on the campus.

    If there is an emergency at UCLA, where can I find information about what I should be doing?

    All students are signed up on the Bruin Alert system, which will send students e-mail and texts about the safety status of the campus. As explained on the Bruin Alert page, family and friends can sign up to see Bruin Alert texts. Further, everyone can check the Bruin Safe Online website to check the safety status of the campus.

    I am a student stressed about the coronavirus. What resources on campus are available to UCLA students?

    There are several options for students who are stressed. The UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a resource for students. Student can meet with counselors individually or at workshops. An additional resource is the RISE Center. If you're taking hybrid/on-site classes, the RISE Center is located in LuValle Commons which is very close to the TFT buildings.

    What does my UCLA Student Health Insurance cover?

    If you have the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center has a webpage you can check to see the benefits of the plan.