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Hilario Saavedra


Hilario Saavedra has directed and acted in the United States and around the world for more than a decade. His most recent performance in Fantomas: Revenge of the Image had its world premiere at the Wuhzen Theatre Festival in China. Multidisciplinary performances and creative collaborations have been a major theme in Saavedra's work and have included such mediums as puppetry, dance and physical storytelling. These performances include Clouded Sulphur, directed by Janie Geiser and written by Erik Ehn; Exhibit A and Concrete Folk Variations, directed by Susan Simpson; and Chen Shi-Zheng’s Peach Blossom Fan. Saavedra made his international debut with Michel Vinaver's 11 September 2001, which premiered at REDCAT in Los Angeles and Theatre Nationale de la Colline in Paris. His solo performance, Adramelech's Monologue, written and directed by Valère Novarina, was first developed in Chicago as part of the Act French Festival by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and has since been performed in Iowa, New York, Boston and Los Angeles. His stage adaptation of T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland premiered as part of the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival and won "Best of the Fringe" residency.