Donor Honor Roll 2016

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The School of Theater, Film and Television and UCLA Film & Television Archive gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors in 2016, whose gifts support students and faculty, research, new curricular initiatives, equipment, theater and film productions, festivals, showcases, film preservation and programming, as well as the Archive Council and other current-use annual funds.

If you would like to support TFT please visit our giving page.

$1,000,000 & Above
Eros International USA, Inc.
Manju and Kishore Lulla
The Packard Humanities Institute

$100,000 - $999,999
A & J Trust
Century Arts Foundation
Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Google, Inc.
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Marcus Hu
Pride Foundation Ric Weiland Estate Fund
Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Foundation
Delia Salvi Trust
Deborah and Zach Snyder (p)*
Strand Releasing
Time Warner Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999
The Art of Elysium
Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories
Banky-Larocque Foundation
The Blavatnik Family Foundation
The Bridges/Larson Foundation
Dana & Albert R. Broccoli Charitable Foundation
Peter Bulcke
California State Parks Foundation
Cirque du Soleil
Alexandra and Christopher deFaria '81 (p)*
Donna Eleanor Deitch MFA '76
Cecil B. DeMille Foundation
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
Prudence Faxon Trust
The Film Foundation, Inc.
James Edward Franco '08
Sacha Gervasi
The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation
Bill Haney
Felicia Denise Henderson '84, MFA '04
Ronda and Rolf Hoffmann (p)*
Iranian American Heritage Foundation of Southern California
Jeff Joseph
Vince Jolivette
Peter Doorly Kaufman
Melissa Thomas and David Koepp '90
The Andrew J. Kuehn Foundation
Deborah MFA '75 and John Landis
MAC Cosmetics
Barbara '57 and Milton Moritz (p)*
National Association of Theatre Owners of California/Nevada
National Film Preservation Foundation
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Rabbit Bandini Productions
The Myra Reinhard Family Foundation
Leo Rosner Foundation, Inc.
Karen and David Sachs
Iris and Michael Smith
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Swarovski North America, Ltd.
Marcy L. Wachtel
Warner Bros. Inc.
Elizabeth '80 and Kenneth Whitney (p)*
C. Jane Wilson and Michael Wilson (p)*

$10,000 - $24,999
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Barbara Roisman-Cooper '62 and Martin Cooper '63
Eleanor '59 and Francis Coppola MFA '67
David C. Copley Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Sherrie '05 and Michael Dunn
George Lucas Family Foundation
GoPro Inc.
The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation, Inc.
Carol Bahoric MBA '88 and Myron Meisel
NBC Universal, Inc.
The Kemp R. Niver Trust
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Eleanor DDS '80 and Glenn Padnick (p)*
Carol and Ken Schultz
Shaftesbury US
Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Los Angeles
Audrey Wells MFA '89

$5,000 - $9,999
Anissa and Paul J. Balson (p)*
Kevin Beggs
Stephanie '81 and Harold Bronson '72
Alan B. Brownstein MFA '88
Margot '80 and Joseph Calabrese
Sanford R. Climan
Donald Leslie De Line '80
Joan and Albert Dorman
Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko and Terrance Dushenko (p)*
EP Financial Solutions
Brynne and Daniel Fellman
Tara and Peter Guber (p)*
Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
Carol Ann and Richard Hess
Mindy Schirn and Jan-Christopher Horak
Sabrina and Ashwin Joshi (p)*
Philip I. Kent
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall '68
Mich Mathews-Spradlin and Jason Spradlin '02
Jan and William Mitchell (p)*
Steve Mosko
NALA Investments, LLC
Lester Ostrov '64, JD '67 (p)*
Margaret Black and John Ptak '67
Timothy Francis Robbins '82
Rohauer Collection Foundation
Kathleen '87 and Dale Rosenbloom Jr.
Amber and Richard Sakai '77, MFA '80
Danna and Benson Schaeffer '62, MA '64, PHD '67
Angela Sie and Steffan Havas (p)*
Florence and Harry Sloan '71 (p)*
Teri Ellen Schwartz '71
Bruce Vaughn
Clayton and Gore Verbinski '87
Suzanne and Jeff Walker
Western Costume Leasing Company
The Denver Foundation Ned Wilson Memorial Fund
Women In Film
Tammi Chase and Michael Wright '87

$1,000 - $4,999
Sharon and Joseph Adashek '84
Zuri Adele MFA '15
Cynthia and Dan Angel
Art Directors Guild Local 800
Kumie Asai
Susan J. Beavers
Alice and Dave Bell
Patricia Blessing and Jeffrey Bell MFA '90
Sarah JD '89, MA '89 and Tyler Bensinger MFA '89 (p)*
Allan Blye
California Institute of the Arts
Chapman University
Tara and Tom Corley
Sarah Cruikshank and Jon Davison
Jeanne and Joseph Deni Jr. (p)*
Erica '77 and Vincent Di Bona MA '71
Dahlia Doumani-Merhi '87 and Joseph Merhi
Channing Dungey Power '91 and Scott Power
The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis #239
Robert Eberlein
Phyllis and Donald Epstein
Margaret and Gregory Gabriel '72
Janice and David Galbraith (p)*
John Gloske
Mary and Gene Goldberg (p)*
Linda and Jeff Graubart
Nicole Grimmer
Claire EDM '95 and Michael Hackett (p)*
Brad Hall '91
Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable Foundation
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
Dawn and Richard Heinrichs (p)*
Timothy Hill
Francine and Ronald Hodges (p)*
Rochelle and Ronald Jacobs '56 (p)*
Ellen and Jerry Jacobson
Neil P. Jampolis
Brenda and Kevin Jarrell (p)*
Nancy and Laurence Jarvik PHD '91
Just Lisa, Inc.
Karmic Release, Ltd.
Nancy Walton Laurie
Linda Marie Lee '66
Judy '64 and William Levin '63, MS '66, MS '73 (p)*
Lindsey and Arthur Lombardi MPA '67 (p)*
Bob Mackie
P. Amanda Parsons and Daniel McIntosh
Nancy and Greg Meidel '07
Petra Michel (p)*
Lawrence A. Mirisch
Ann and Jerry Moss
Marianne '71 and Michael Murphy '69, MA '71, PHD '74
Gus H. Pappas
Diane Cary and Jim Parriot III MFA '74
Lydia Paweski
John Salinda Perera '80, MFA '07
Jennifer and Raul Perez P
Mark Pierce
Darren Policare
Bonnie Arnold and Robert Puglisi
Frances Miriam Reed '72, MA '75, PHD '80
ReggaeGrip Living Trust
Sheila Lynn Roberts '76, MA '85, MFA '89
Jason Romaine MFA '14
Kathleen Rubin
Lamman Rucker
Linda and Jay Sandrich '53
Stephen Neal Sauer '74 (p)*
Janet and Charles Schnebel '63
Set Decorators Society of America
Meryl Shader and Paul Seave (p)*
Karen Mackain and Arnold Shapiro '62
Charles Shyer
Judith Harris and Robert Singer
Leah and Martin Sklar '56
Amy Jo Sloper MA '06
Betty S. Smith
Ron Suber
Patsy MLS '64 and Robert Sung (p)*
Syracuse Cinephile Society, Inc.
Ann Petit and Benjamin Thompson MFA '05
Timken Museum of Art
Eunice and Andrew Ting
Trevanna Post Inc.
Ret Turner
University of Missouri at Kansas City
University of Texas at Austin
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Andrew R. Wald
Lisa '81 and John Walker '82 (p)*
James Kevin Ward '82
Brian Roskam '79 and Mike Werb MFA '02
Maaza Woldemusie
Elizabeth WoldeMussie
Beth and Michael Zeldes (p)*
Pamela Goodwin and Alan Zetterberg (p)*

$251 - $999
Helen Oda '72 and George Abe '69, MS '71
Soonjin Lee and Jinsoo An MA '96, PHD '05
J.Ed Araiza
Renne and Bruce Bilson '50
Dustin Lance Black '96
Lenora Blanco
Peter E. Blau
Marilyn and David Bock (p)*
Gwen and Ray Bolger Fund
John T. Caldwell MA '83
Victoria Loveland-Coen and Dana Coen MFA '97
Luis A. Cordero
Steven D. Cuden MFA '10
Julianne Derrico
Bob Duncan
Laura Weston Gabbert MFA '04
Margaret Phillips '70, PHD '90 and Mario Gerla MS '70, PHD '73 (p)*
Gabriella and Kevin Glenn (p)*
Tony Guenther
Bambi Lynn Haggins MA '96, PHD '00
Mary '55 and Alan Halkett '53, '61
Lori and Christopher Heitman '82
Susan and Thomas Hemphill '75
Barbara '79 and Daniel Horwitz '57, MBA '65
Lin Zhane and Michael Iracondo III '91
Peter D. Kazaras
Deborah '65 and Richard Lind '64, MS '65
Ellen and Robert Little
Minta Manning
Lori Jones McCaffery
Michelle and Thomas McKenna (p)*
Jerry Dean Mosher '82, MA '97, PHD '07
Joanne Murphy
Lucia Coulter and Richard Murphy '80
Bette '60 and Jeffrey Nagin '54
Diane '86 and Michael Neimand '87
Barbara Calvi and Brian Nelson MFA '87
Abby and Christopher Newman (p)*
Marlene and Duncan O'Brien (p)*
Jon Talbert O'Neal MFA '04
Jennifer Owens and Jay Ornellas '74, MBA '76
James Eugene Pearce MA '75, PHD '80
Stacey Perkins Rock and Paul Rock (p)*
Van Broughton Ramsey
Elaine Ray
Kerry Lee Reis '79
Sandi L. Remer
Lynn and Robert Root (p)*
Joy Rosenthal
Sarah and Robin Russin MFA '91
Janet Schreiber and Myrl Schreibman '67, MFA '69
Jacqueline L. Sharp '79
Janette '73 and William Singley '63
Judy and George Slotnick '72
Freya MFA '77 and Dennis Smallwood
Phyllis Momtazee-Snelling and William Snelling '57 (p)*
Susan L. Solat (p)*
Sons of the Desert
Anne-Marie MBA '78 and Alex Spataru '70, MBA '79
Michelle and John Spellman '94
Angela and Jim Strain MFA '85
Gwen Ewart and Robert Thomas
Jill '85 and Eric Weinlein MBA '85
Markus Wernig
Marianne '83 and Matthew Wright '83
Di Zhai
Jill Bernheimer MA '98 and Jesse Zigelstein MA '98

$1 - $250
Anonymous (8)
Maire Clare and Stanley Adamson '70
Charlene Aguilar
Hamed Ahmadyar
Anne and Paul Ahrens '80
Rita Rani Ahuja '99, MFA '15
Louise '76 and Michael Alaimo
Meredith and Robert Alcock (p)*
Wendy Wipprecht and Mark Aldrich '75
Tracy Alladice
Kristiana Almeida
Elvia Marie Alvarado MSW '73, MFA '92
Luisela Alvaray MA '93, PHD '04 and Wilfredo Urbina
Charlene Anderson '73, MA '75 and Steve Smith (p)*
Josephine Amy Aniobi
Doug Steven Archibald II '10
Sabrina Luza Armitage (p)*
Lianne Melissa Arnold '05
Jose Marcelo Arroyo '88
Leslie '86 and Charles Athill (p)*
Rocio Avina (p)*
Ida and Steven Axler
Lilly Denise Ayers '98
Mehrdad Azarmi '64, MA '66
Margaret MFA '74 and Danilo Bach MFA '70 (p)*
Carole '62, MA '76 and Edward Balkan
Agatha Wang and Mark Ballora '84
Cheri Susan Bard-Henoch MFA '74
Michael Perry M. Baricante '93
Christian Alexander Barillas MFA '05
Ginger and John Barnard
Gail and William Barnes Jr. (p)*
Melissa Marie Barnum '14
Aline Barrett
Amanda Barrett
Eduardo Barron '95
Kathryn and Michael Barry (p)*
Michael Geoffrey Barryte '10
Marcia MA '84 and Steven Barryte '68 (p)*
Blaine M. Bartell
Manuel Basanese MFA '11
Filippo Basso
David Charles Baxter MFA '97
Mary and Richard Beaver '52 (p)*
Nicholas Patrick Beck MS '60, EDD '75
Jennifer Becker (p)*
Letitia '71 and William Becker MA '74
Richard L. Beecher
Jo Anne and Miles Benickes '68
John L. Benson
Leah '69 and Gregory Bergman '70 (p)*
Blake E. Berris '06
Kristi Ann Bieber '97
Beverly '68, MA '69, PHD '73 and Bernard Bienstock '68, MS '70
Patricia Biggi
Ronald Edward Birnbach MFA '84
Kyia Bish
Rochel Sara Blachman '74
Julie Renee Black '86
Lea Lehua Toulon Black MFA '13
Susan and Simon Blattner III '81
Jerry Houston Bledsoe MA '58
Sharon and Joseph Bleicher (p)*
David Morgan Blum '02
Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter
Anastasia Elaine Bonaccorso MFA '15
Loretta Clare Bonus (p)*
Cosimo Luciano Borgogni '15
Susan Jean Boston (p)*
Edward Branigan
Eugene Brannon
Wigasi Brant
Frankie Leona Briscoe '76
Charles David Brooks III '74, MFA '76
Jeff Brown
Debra and Donald Brummitt
Anne Bruner '98 and James Bremner
Emily Buck
Stephen Joseph Bulka '74, MBA '76
Christopher Bungo
Alessandra Pauline Burenin '87
Larissa Louise Burgoyne '07
Jeffrey Aaron Burke '99, MS '01, MFA '10
Vin F. Burnham
Douglas Steven Burns '67
Samantha Marie Burpee '05
Soraya Selene Burtnett MFA '11
Nancy and Dale Burton (p)*
Frederick E. A. Bush
Christine and William Byrnes MFA '72
Enzo Cabili
Bob Campbell
Tammy Susan Caplan '93
Mac Carlson
Shirley B. Carpenter
Linnie Caye '83
Kristin '98 and Ting Chang '97, MA '00, PHD '02
Eric L. Cheevers
Adrienne '68 and William Childers '69
A. Lindsey and Christopher Chomyn MFA '90
Gail Chorna '89
Joy A. Chuck MA '74, MLS '83
Estelle Jasnoff-Chunn and Anthony Chunn
Kristine A. Cimmy
Marilyn Clark '61 and Philip Langner
Amy Olivia Clement
Debbie and Mark Clement (p)*
Ashley Inez Cleveland
Adrianna Cohen '83 and Amanda Young
Eric Cohen

Bruce Edgar Colbert '75
Adam Eugene Cole '07
Tina Nguyen '04 and Jason Coleman '01
Elizabeth Lane and Lewis Colick MFA '76
Jonathan Edward Collins MA '12
Carolyn Cook
Clark Cook '83 and James Healy
Sebastian John Copeland '88
Judith Coppage '67, MA '68 and John Danner
Kelly A. Costa
Joshua David Covitt '00
Jennifer MSW '94 and Jon Cowan MFA '90
Christopher W. Craig MA '65
Pamela and Michael Crane (p)*
Winston Stuart Cutshall MFA '06
D. J. Audio, Inc.
Adrienne Lashawn Davis MFA '01
Margaret '78 and Calvin Davis '77 (p)*
Jeffrey Matthew Davis '06
Isabel and Hugo De Castro '57, JD '60 (p)*
Joseph Carmen De Monico MFA '98
Kimberly MED '89 and James De Venne Jr. '89
Ann '66 and William De Wolfe
Deals in Heels
David Jeffrey Deliema '08, PHD '15
Clare Hillary Denk MA '06
Judith Ann Detamore '58
Robert Grant Dickson
Mary Lou and Harold Dietler (p)*
Jeannie L. Dimter '74
Jazmine Elisse Dinkins
Ivy and Paul Dodwell '71, MBA '78
Kevin Patrick Doherty '14
Claudia Poepsel and Dirk Dotzert
Cheryl Downey MA '68, PHD '71
Brigit and Jim Drake
Madeleine Rose Drake MFA '76
Leonard Albert Drorian MA '08
Rachel Dubose
Annette Duckett
Janelle Duckett
Lauren Colleen Dunagan MFA '12
Judith and Donald Dungey (p)*
Robert Earl Durham MA '57
Gay '67 and Donald Durward '64
Lisa Arlene Ebersole MFA '13
Lily and Matt Edwards
Sara Hunter Edwards '74
Sydney '57 and Randall Edwards '57, MA '66
Mel Efros Enterprises
Michele and Melvyn Efros MA '66 (p)*
Shari and Jeffery Elias '70
Salomon Emquies '79
Joanna Elizabeth Erdos '75
Holly and Thomas Erickson (p)*
Peter Davis Espy (p)*
Nan E. Fagan
Melanie Fairchild-Dzanis '65, JD '85, MBA '85 and David Dzanis
Alisa and Christopher Faloona (p)*
Mani and Shervin Farhadi (p)*
Yolanda MS '59 and Leonard Farr '58, MS '65 (p)*
Christie Davis and Kenneth Fause MA '78
Nancy and David Fein '69, MFA '75
Tisha Fein
Gina Michelle Field '99
Jessica Louise Fish '77
Adeena and Wayne Fitterman
Taylor Fitz-Gibbon '09, MURP '13
Michael Sutherland Fitzgerald '98
Nancy Federica Florio
The Flying Deuces of New Jersey
Janie and Steven Fogelson '77
Darryl Barrett Fong '81
Richard Fuguei Fong
Christopher Jay Fonseca '99
Austin Paul Formato III MFA '09
Susan McKeehan and Daniel Frederick (p)*
Jennifer '88 and Alan Freedman
Fiama Fricano-Traxler MFA '86
Nicholas Alexander Frumkin '05
Wendy Gay Furth MFA '82
Abby Nicole Galstad MFA '10
Prashast Gandiga
Paula and Sammy Ganimian MA '66
Lucile and Joseph Gantman '44
Miguel Garcia Gonzalez
Tashaila Garrett
George E. Gary MFA '04
Tijana Agic-Gaudio and David Gaudio '81, MFA '85
Danell and John Gavares (p)*
Anna I. Gaw
Evelyn Gay
Leslie '79 and Rick Gaylord
James D. Gentile
Tommy Gentile
Maria Martinez-Gertner '02, EDM '08 and Benjamin Gertner MA '98, EDM '09
Justin David Gibbins '11
Dana Gills MFA '13
Esther J. Ginsberg
Eileen '76, MFA '80 and John Gizienski MFA '86
Rea '69 and William Glazer '72 (p)*
Shannon Leigh Gleason '94
Joan '69 and Gary Glickstein '69
Wendy Catherine Goldberg MFA '98
Nicholas Tilg Goldsborough
Marcia '50 and Haskell Goodman
Mark Joel Gordon '83
Michael Gornall
Gospel Films Archive
Laura Lee Goth MFA '81
George Grant
Jamie Gray
Pamela S. Gray MFA '93
Mitzi and Howard Green Jr. '50 (p)*
Michelle Marie Green (p)*
Randi and Jerome Greenberg '78 (p)*
Arin Gregorian '05
Teresa Gregory MFA '86 and Daniel Hudock Jr.
Sheri Lesser and Jared Gross '81
Heidi and Matthew Gross '86
Anne and Gilbert Grossman
Alisha H. Grossman
Marlene and Barry Grossman
Valentina Hertz-Grossman and Marc Grossman '71
Stanley J. Grossman MA '65
Carlos David Guillen MFA '13
Julie Elizabeth Gumpert MA '05
Dejene Habte-Mariam MA '90
Darlene Elizabeth Hadrika MFA '10
Barbara Enloe Hadsell JD '78 and Douglas Hadsell
Marion and John Hamilton (p)*
Gay '58 and James Hanlon '53, MA '60
Michel Lyn Hannan MFA '04
Christopher Michael Hanson MFA '12
Bobby Lynn Harrell MFA '96
Jackie Haskins '68
Crystal Alexandria Hatch '16
Ryan and Alan Haynes (p)*
Susan Lynne Heeley '66
Georgia Henrich
Catherine Marie Hernandez-Shibata '89
Elaine and Steven Hirohama MFA '81
Shannon Maurine Holt '84
Jackie Rosalind Honikman '05
William Lewis Hopkins MFA '73
Joan and Lew Horn '60
Emily Hubley
Christopher Scott Hume '87
Clifford Hunt
Danna Riva Hyams '80
Jacqueline Illum
James Vance Gillespie Inglish '14
Claudia D. Israel
Lorrie Ivas '79
Alex Edward Jablonski MFA '13
Melissa and Todd Jacob (p)*
Keiko and Laurence Jacobson '79
Diane Jasin Houle '54 and Roch Houle
Brian Crockett Jennings MA '07
Christina and Robert Jennings MA '85
Danielle Angela Jensen
Libby Jensen '06
Rosemarie and Richard Jensen (p)*
Darryl Felton Johnson '70
Scott Johnston and Charles Solomon '72, MA '75, MFA '83
Olga Lee Jones (p)*
Jennifer Joseph and Jon Longhi (p)*
Kumiko Hakushi and Daniel Jue '88
M'Liss '73, MFA '75 and Robert Kane
Lorraine and Joseph Kapczynski (p)*
Iman Nita Karram
Penny Eileen Kaspar '61
Nancy Michele Katano
Elodie L. Katz
Jeremy Tsvi Katz '02
Kathy Ushiba '87 and Michael Katz MFA '98
Charlene Kaufman
Sheppard Reid Kaufman '87
Karen Kaysing '75 and Jerome Baruck
James Keith Kefgen (p)*
Patricia Eileen Kelley (p)*
Marcella MBA '86 and Scot Kelly '86
Karan Kendrick
Melissa Rae Kent '91
Sima Hashemifar and Javad Khakbaz (p)*
Ilyanne '81 and Michael Kichaven '81
Bernard M. Kitt
Rostislav Klibaner '09, MA '14
Suzanne and Thomas Koehring MA '73
Lisa B. Kohn MFA '03
Tina and George Kolovos MS '66 (p)*
Kerry Lee Korf '75
Jean '47, MA '56 and Leonard Korf '50, MA '59, PHD '75 (p)*
Leonard L. Koss '80
Amy Krell '86
Alvin B. Kupperman
Seth Michael Kurland '82
Catherine and Stanley Kyker '62
Kaitlyn and Christopher Kyle MFA '05
Caroline Daravi and Fariborz Lalezarzadeh '96 (p)*
Rachel Schwab MS '83 and Chet Lanctot MS '84 (p)*
Erich Thomas Lane '06
Lois '53 and Raymond Langer (p)*
Laura Siegel Larson '73 (p)*
Eliza Laytner MFA '14
Sarah Marie Le Feber MFA '06
Jee Eun Lee (p)*
Bonnie Leonard '82 and Frederick Keeve '76
Gary Michael Leonard '73
Jon Leonoudakis
Kevin Leung '90
Philip Jordan Levie MFA '07
Audrey and Peter Levin
Leland Fong Lew '78
Beverley and Robert Lewis '55
Caitlin Rose Leyden '13
Yonghong Li (p)*
Eng-Beng Lim PHD '04
Cathleen Fitzpatrick Linder '72
Dorothy Grace Littell-Herrick MFA '04
Lee White Livingston MFA '05
Ben Tun-Bin Loh '92
Shayla Love
Stephen Love
Molly McKenzie '01 and Carl Lowendorf
Magali Lozano '14
Ellen Lundquist '89 and J. Peterson
Paige Brubaker Macdonald '90, MFA '05
Rodney Edwin Maglio '72
Andriana and Timothy Maile '83
Lesley Renee Maness MFA '99
Diana Mar '85, MFA '94 and Steven Montgomery
Scott Marden
Alessandro Marianantoni
Ginger and Marius Markevicius MFA '02
Victor Russell Marsh III MFA '98
Lindsay Norine Martens '04
Ida Martina Martin '63
Ernesto Salazar Martinez MA '98
Tanyss and David Martula (p)*
Sean Mashian '13
Mason Video
Mele Catherine Mason '79
Marissa Katherine-Claire Matteo MFA '13
Mary Louise Mavian '57, MA '70
Marcie and Richard Maxfield '87
Chris Mayer
Kimberly Mary Mc Greal MFA '91
Steven Dennis Mc Grew MFA '82
Lisa and Chip McCarthy (p)*
Whitney '85 and Bruce McCleery
Barbara McLeod
Larry Neil McQueen
Noah Meadors
Claudia and Ezekiel Medina
Ezekiel Edward Medina
Eitan Gilad Mendelowitz MS '99, MFA '02, PHD '09
Celia L. Mercer MFA '90
Jo Meuris MFA '10
Norma and Larry Meyers '78 (p)*
Gabrielle and Jeffery Miller
Clark Gerald Mires '67
Jacqueline and Frederick Mitchell IV (p)*
Oki Miyano MA '08
Noveen Moinpour '10
Edward James Monaghan MFA '88
Ryan Benjamin Moody MFA '14
Darryl Mori
Dennis Paul Moriarty
Gregory Brent Morris '86
Kelly Nicole Morris '10
Eric Mosley
David R. Moss
Elizabeth Hart MFA '87 and Daniel Muller '83
Matteo Munaro
Elizabeth and Donald Murray
Rebecca Borkgren Myers '62
Daphne Gronich and Paul Nagle '82
Bruce Allan Nahin '74
Debbie and Randall Nakashima '76
Alex Nano
Heather Anne Nassief '08
Nerris Nassiri '15
Jenny Nestler
Margo Newman MFA '91 and Bob Marley
Amrita Li Newton
Suzie '90 and Daniel Noal '82, MS '91
Johannah and Johnson Noerdlinger MFA '90
Kim and Joel Norgaard (p)*
Patricia and James O'Brien '83
Michael O'Connor
Emezie Ijoma Okorafor MFA '13
Ronald John Olsen MFA '87
Richard Opper
Jackie and Peter Oreckinto
Katrina '93, MFA '06 and Martin Ortega
Nicholas Andrew Ortega '03
Manfred Karl Othmer '00
Carol and Thomas Ozanich MFA '77
Paper Tigers Inc.
John Parbst
Najja Parker
Laura and Randy Parker MBA '94
Ehren Reid Parks MFA '10
Charles Bradley Patton '08
Chris Joseph Paul '06
George Michael Paulsin '72
Michael Peretzian '63, MA '66, MFA '66
Matthew Carroll Perkins MA '12
Nancy Baddock and Philip Perkins (p)*
Theodore Jarrad Perkins MFA '07
Aleksandr Ivan Pevec '07
Sharon '82 and David Pevsner
Mary '69 and Thomas Pilla MA '71
Julie Ann Pittman '97
Alexis Caylin Pletcher '11
George Thomas Pletts Jr. '58
Rafigh Pooya '78, MFA '81
Angela Porcell '87 and Walter Muller
Kelly Monroe Port '91
Elizabeth and Manuel Porto (p)*
Barbara Pratt '85 and Sean Kearney
Karen and Michael Preston (p)*
Cheryl Christine Price
Carole L. Propp
Howard Henry Prouty '78
Arlene and Justin Purchin '51, MA '57
William K. Quiett MA '61
Felix Racelis MFA '91
Susan Murai Raider (p)*
Kim Rapp-Hanretta
Anthony M. Redman '64
Celia MFA '82 and Robert Regan
Cathleen '82 and Peter Reiher MS '83, PHD '87
Amy Melissa Resnick '82
Tara T. Ricasa '05
Isaac Sean Rice '99
Renee Elizabeth Risch (p)*
Sandra Risdon '75, MA '82
Patti A. Riva
Yolanda Maria Robinson '69, MA '70, PHD '75
Janice R. Rockin
Grace and Floriano Rodriguez Jr. (p)*
Richard Ernest Rogers MA '53
Arshad Sean Rohani '09
Gordon Jay Rose '65, JD '68
Jane Rosen '74 and Harold Franklin
Robert Rosen
Salie Rossen
Lois and Moshe Rothblum '65
Esther Rowland
Laurie and Lawrence Rubaum (p)*
Sheryl Rubenstein '88
Katherine T. Ruppe MFA '04
Marilyn Manners MA '83, PHD '89 and Randolph Rutsky PHD '91
Allyn '59, MFA '64 and James Ryan
Diane and Ronald Saks '71, MFA '77
Teresa Salazar
Eileen Becker Salmas MA '76
Vidyut Samanta MS '05, PHD '12
Nancy and Jeffrey Sampson '70 (p)*
Ernesto Mancilla Sandoval '10
Bonnie Sashin
Dushyanthi Satchi
Jonathan M. Sauer '11, JD '14
Sherri and Peter Sawaya MA '70
Jeffrey Blaine Scharping (p)*
Marlene and Eric Schultz
Jay H. Schuster
Roselyn K. Scott
Sondra Ellena Scott '63
Lisa and Scott Seiffert MFA '98
Elizabeth Seifu
Roger William Seiler '64
Eve Spencer and Paul Selfa '86
Lisa and Larry Selkow
Linda Sellman
Cynthia J. Shank
Krista Bogetich '91 and Paul Shapiro '91
Shirin Amini Shaw and John Shaw Jr. (p)*
Kristin Lee Sheets '79
Emily Rebecca Shenfield '12
Beverly and Leonard Shenfield (p)*
Zoe and Jeremy Sherlick
Sharon Rochelle Sherman MA '71
Michael Shonk
Joel Shprentz
Dan Silver
Lila Lee Silvern '54
Dorothy Sinclair MA '68 and Arnold Tutelman
Ilene '80 and Charles Slater
Linda Bochte and R. John Slosser '69
Rosemary and Adam Slote (p)*
Alaric Alexander Smeets MFA '13
Anita Lee Smith (p)*
Kirsten and Barton Smith '89
Janna Smith
Laura and Eric Smith
Lisa MFA '91 and Jeffrey Smith '65
Lisa and Wesley Smith '88
Valerie Lettera and Robert Spletzer
Jean and James Spurrier MA '70
Ellen Dean and Thomas Starbuck (p)*
Hollace Starr '96, MFA '99
Charlotte Steppling
Karin and Steven Stern '73
Dana Maxine Stevens '85
Tricia '88 and John Stewart III
Robin Bliss Stockton '74, MFA '78
Jennifer Barbara Stovell MFA '91
Lois Becker '72 and Mark Stratton
Jane Shore and Deena Suffin '84
Christopher Sullivan
Micheline and David Swift
Myrtle Talbot '49
Linda Cheryl Tarnoff '71
Julie and Mark Thompson
Karl Tiedemann
Hope and Lee Tollefsrud (p)*
Homer Peter Tom '85
Gregory Topping
Karyn MFA '70 and T. Traut
Lisa Trei
Anthony J. Trimboli
Valerie MFA '04 and Randolph Trumbull MFA '07
Deborah '78, MFA '81 and Richard Turk
Alison and David Ullendorff MFA '03
Cassandra Vago '98 and Matthew Zaic
Vic L. Vandegriff '76
Linda and Peter Vanlaw '56
Patricia Veselich '81
Alexander Carmichael Vidal '11
Bruce Vilanch
Elena Persis Vitale '70
Leeann Yelavich '77, MED '82 and George Wade '79
Carol Ann Walker '80
Rachel Sernoff Wallfish and Shmaya Wallfish (p)*
Patricia and Richard Walter (p)*
Eric A. Walters
Kuo-Kuang Wang
Zhehao Wang
Jason Glen Ward
Marieke Oudejans MFA '06 and David Weiner MBA '06
Judy and John Weiskopf MFA '85
Patricia E. Weiskopf
Robin and Stan Wertlieb '76
Michelle and Vattel Wiggins (p)*
Tami Michelle Williams MA '95, PHD '07
Brandon Terrell Wilson
Annasue and John Wilson (p)*
Amy Winfrey '97, MFA '00 and Peter Merryman
John M. Winslow '80
Robert S. Wollin '58 (p)*
Andrew Douglas Woods MA '06
Colleen and Ward Woropay (p)*
Stephanie Lorraine Woropay '11
Nicole Smith and John Wray '96
XYZ Films
Anna and Tuen-Ping Yang MFA '76
Gertrude V. Young-Dillard MFA '84
Tara L. Young
Tracy Ann Young
Susan H. Zaher
Patricia '70 and Warren Zapp
Diane '73 and Murrie Zlotziver


Zuri Adele
Jonathan Edward Collins MA '12

Brigette M. Bleicher
Sharon and Joseph Bleicher (p)*

Barbara D. Boyle
Joan and Albert Dorman

Jerry Bruckheimer
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

Cristina P. Gerla
Margaret Phillips '70, PHD '90 and Mario Gerla MS '70, PHD '73 (p)*

Elena M. Jacob
Melissa and Todd Jacob (p)*

Nancy M. Katana
Darryl Mori

Lainie Kazan
Mani and Shervin Farhadi (p)*

Yara C. Khakbaz
Sima Hashemifar and Javad Khakbaz (p)*

Brian Kite
Marlene and Duncan O'Brien (p)*

Suzanne Krell
Amy Krell '86

Henry Mar
Diana Mar '85, MFA '94 and Steven Montgomery

Maxwell Peterson

Elaine Ray
Charlene Aguilar

Jerome Sashin
Bonnie Sashin

Teri E. Schwartz
Nicholas Tilg Goldsborough

Howard Suber Ph.D.
Ron Suber

Robert Thompson
Julie and Mark Thompson


James M. Bridges
The Bridges/Larson Foundation

Traneka Davis
Jason Romaine MFA '14

Edith Dorman
Laura and Eric Smith

Dr. Teshome H. Gabriel
Soonjin Lee and Jinsoo An MA '96, PHD '05
Edward Branigan
John T. Caldwell MA '83
Dejene Habte-Mariam MA '90
Marilyn Manners MA '83, PHD '89 and Randolph Rutsky PHD '91
Elizabeth Seifu
Patricia and Richard Walter (p)*
Elizabeth WoldeMussie
Maaza Woldemusie

Dr. Gary A. Gardner
Marianne '71 and Michael Murphy '69, MA '71, PHD '74
Krista Bogetich '91 and Paul Shapiro '91

Mark T. Goldberg
Mary and Gene Goldberg (p)*

Hugh M. Grauel
Sheila Lynn Roberts '76, MA '85, MFA '89

Alan S. Jacobson
Ellen and Jerry Jacobson

Harold C. Kern, Jr.
Linda Marie Lee '66

Ahmed Lateef
Sabrina and Ashwin Joshi (p)*

Mei-Nien Lin
Kuo-Kiang Wang

Dana C. Lind
Deborah '65 and Richard Lind '64, MS '65

Cyndi Martino
Zuri Adele MFA '15

Dan F. McLaughlin Jr.
Michael Perry M. Baricante '93
Emily Hubley
Scott Johnston and Charles Solomon '72, MA '75, MFA '83
Amy Winfrey '97, MFA '00 and Peter Merryman

Dini Ostrov
Lester Ostrov '64, JD '67 (p)*

Paul Ciceroni
John Gloske

Jorge Pretorian
Sharon Rochelle Sherman MA '71

Rita Rani Ahuja '99, MFA '15

Duncan Robertson
Emily Buck

Rodney S. Steiger
Kathleen ’87 and Dale Rosenbloom Jr.

Stanley C. Rubin
Kathleen Rubin

Marshall Schlom
Lois '53 and Raymond Langer (p)*

Phil Serling
Syracuse Cinephile Society, Inc.

Earl Shank
Christopher Sullivan

Edward W. Smith
Dushyanthi Satchi

Peter Stark
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation
Joy G. Wohlwend
Deals in Heels
Mary '55 and Alan Halkett '53, '61
Barbara McLeod

Wells K. Wohlwend, Esq.
Deals in Heels

Natalie Wood
Natasha Gregson Wagner



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