30th Robby Awards for Excellence in Theater

The Robby Awards, which were founded in 1974, returned to the theater awards scene in 2015 after a decade-long absence. This year, UCLA TFT boasted five alumni and/or faculty nominees as well as numerous others who were affiliated with nominated productions.
They include:

Jonathan Burke (lecturer), Best Sound Design, Company
Brian Kite (professor, Department of Theater chair), Best Director of a Musical, Billy Elliot: The Musical
Jane Papageorge (B.A. '14), Best Supporting Actress in a Musical, Company
Nick Tubbs (B.A. '10), Best Actor in a Musical, The Balladeer
Paige Lindsey White (M.F.A. '06), Lu Leonard Award for Best Actress in a comedy, The Heir Apparent

The Balladeer, Best Musical
Nick Tubbs (B.A. '10), actor

The Bridges of Madison County, Best Musical
Anne Bruner (B.A. '98), CTG-Ahmanson Theatre board member
Vin Di Bona (M.A. '71), CTG-Ahmanson Theatre board member
Miles Penickes (B.A. '68), CTG-Ahmanson Theatre board member

Jesus Christ Superstar, Best Musical
Michelle Holmes (M.F.A. '83), actress

Murder for Two, Carole Cook Award for Best Comedy
Beth Behrs (B.A.'08), Geffen Playhouse board member
Jayson Raitt (M.F.A. '96), producer
Teri Schwartz (Dean), Geffen Playhouse board member

My Barking Dog, Nan Martin Award for Best Drama
Jessica Kubzansky (visiting assistant professor), co-artistic director of The Theater @ Boston Court
Matthew Quinlan (M.F.A. '13), dramaturg

The Other Place, Nan Martin Award for Best Drama
Kaitlyn Pietras (M.F.A. '12), scenic and projection designer
Pablo Santiago (M.F.A. '13; lecturer), lighting designer

Peter and the Starcatcher, Carole Cook Award for Best Comedy
Christian Barillas (M.F.A. '05), actor

R&J, Nan Martin Award for Best Drama
Mallin Alter (M.F.A. '13), costume designer
Aaron Hendry (B.A. '97), fight choreographer

The awards ceremony took place on Monday, Feb. 8 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

Posted: February 16, 2016