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The 42nd Telluride Film Festival gets underway and UCLA TFT is well represented

The Telluride Film Festival announced its lineup on Thursday, Sept. 3, one day before the 42nd edition of the fest began in Telluride, Colorado. Two alumni have ties to films at the festival this year: Jennifer Newfield (B.A. '07) was the production manager for director Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson's Anomalisa,and actor alumnus Michael Stuhlbarg stars in director Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs opposite Michael Fassbender. Both films are showing in the fest's main program. Additionally, Alexander Payne (M.F.A. '90), is on the Telluride Film Festival Board of Governors and Gregory Nava (B.A. '71, M.F.A. '76) is serving as the fest's Student Prints Curator. Executive Board member Frank Marshall (B.A. '68) sits on the Esteemed Council of Advisors.

Marshall is also a founding sponsor of FilmLab, a multi-faceted program at the Telluride Film Festival focused on the art and industry of filmmaking, created by Dean Teri Schwartz and festival co-director Julie Huntsinger in 2010. This year's group of 10 invited UCLA TFT FilmLab fellows, graduate students from the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, include the following: From the Directing Program: Arkesh Ajay, Candice Knutson, Stephanie Sandoval Lean and Eric Vennemeyer; from the Screenwriting Program: Jeremy Christensen, Lawrence Donovan and Ondine Langford; from the Producers Program: Zachary Hamby and Juanita Londono; and from the Cinema and Media Studies Program, Briana McKoy.

Posted: September 4, 2015