2012 grad Evette Vargas launches hybrid web/TV sci-fi series

Vargas is writer, executive producer and director of futuristic conspiracy pilot

Recent TFT graduate Evette Vargas MFA ’12 has announced that rocker turned radio personality and actor Henry Rollins (“Sons of Anarchy”) will be joining the cast of her hybrid web and television series “Dark Prophet.” Vargas is writing and executive-producing the series and will direct the pilot episode this summer.

Chase Fein stars as Dai Shepherd, a gifted yet rebellious music student with time-traveling abilities who discovers that a government intelligence agency is exploiting catastrophic secret embedded in song patterns. In addition to Rollins the supporting cast includes Josh Meyers ("That ‘70s Show"), Rick Gonzalez ("Reaper"), Bill A. Jones ("Glee") and Becky Lea Goodman (“Security 3-2-1”).

“’Dark Prophet’ is a hybrid between a webseries and a TV series,” Vargas says. “I've basically created a one-hour TV pilot and a one full season of a webseries simultaneously. I've written it as a one-hour TV pilot and shot it as such. Each television act is my full-length webisode, but, then I further tailored each webisode for online, where short-form storytelling works best. Both the TV series and webseries can stand alone, or compliment each other. The TV series has is own unique twists and turns, as does the webseries.”

A sneak peak of the series was screened at the Writers Guild of America Writer/Director Short showcase on July 18th, 2012. Vargas is CEO of Digital-Reign, an award winning Production Company specializing in high-impact visual media.