Theater alum Sean Cameron-Young '04 stars in "Take me Out"

Posted on June 6th 2012 in Announcement

Rise Above Theatre Movement presents Richard Greenberg’s "Take me Out," a drama about a star player in a pro baseball team whose lifestyle preference causes a number of riffs among its team members, including a new star among its bunch. A Pulitzer prize winner and winner of 3 Tony Awards, "Take me Out" tells a story about a man’s “coming out” and how it's accepted among his peers in a postmodern society and the world of professional baseball.

In addition to cast members Sean Cameron-Young '04 and Trip Langley, this play also features Kenyatta DeEtts, Kenne Guillory, Patrick Hilt, Theodore Huber, Xander Jeanneret, Dex Matthews, Jeremy Parise, Jesus Rodriguez, Adrian Scott, Jr., and Marquis Simms. Some roles are double cast, making each performance slightly different with the same high quality attached.

Darren Lemming, a baseball player with the Empires, is one of the game’s golden boys. The bi-racial young man is so gifted at the sport that he has a firm belief in his own invincibility. He is also gay, and comes out publicly. He’s such a highly regarded player that he is able to shrug off the occasional homophobic insult. He’s one more different person on a highly diverse team. Then, one day, Shane Mungitt, a bigoted hillbilly with an unstoppable throwing arm, joins the team. Mungitt’s athletic abilities approach the supernatural. It becomes obvious that Mungitt’s bigotry and homophobia stem from ignorance rather than malice: Someone with a childhood as horrific as Mungitt’s would have to emerge a bit twisted. Does race enter into this at all? Of course. This story happens in America. Lemming decides to avenge himself against Mungitt’s slights. It’s a path sure to lead to blood and death. Can the players and the team survive?

Final Performances of the play are on Thursday (6/7), Friday(6/8), & Saturday(6/9) at 8pm and Sunday (6/10) at 7pm

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