Disney's Schumacher and Dean Schwartz honor donor Elizabeth Whitney

Alumna created full-ride Jeanne Michiko Kubota Scholarship at the School of Theater, Film and Television

On April 7, 2011, co-hosts Thomas Schumacher ’80, producer and president of Disney Theatrical Group, and Dean Teri Schwartz honored donor and alumna Elizabeth Kubota Whitney ’80 at New York’s historic New Amsterdam Theater.

The private reception acknowledged Whitney’s generous gift to the Department of Theater’s new Jeanne Michiko Kubota Scholarship, first established at the UCLA Alumni Association, which will fund the school’s first four-year, full-ride scholarship for an undergraduate theater student.

Kubota, who passed away from colon cancer in 1992, was Whitney’s sister and the woman who made it possible for Whitney to pursue her theatrical dreams at TFT. In honor of her sister, Whitney set out to create a scholarship that could make a significant difference in students’ lives, especially those putting their dreams on hold due to financial constraints.

Whitney pursued her love of theater at UCLA and had success as an actress and singer in the 1980s. It was at UCLA where she met and became friends with Schumacher. Their friendship continues to this day, as does their commitment to theater.

UCLA’s continued support has helped propel the success and longevity of this scholarship, allowing hundreds of students to attend UCLA with a solid foundation to achieve their goals and reach for their dreams.

Also in attendance were Disney’s Steven Fickinger, Ken and Alison Whitney, Tamara Keough, Stuart Marland, Peter Heller, Connie Hawkins, Gary and Carrie Fujino, Florence Kubota, Sara Beth Grossman, Marcia DeBonis, Alan Muraoka, Ashley Whitney, Mike Murphy, David and Nancy Schmidt, Ada Maris, Richard, Nancy and Lucy Whitney.

Posted: April 12, 2011